Thursday, July 31, 2008

The Music Continues With Our Latin Dancers - Written by CP's VP of Intakes

Three little Cairns were lucky enough to dance their way into the loving arms of Col. Potter this past weekend from an Amish puppy mill in PA. One of our rescue contacts was picking up dogs from several Amish PMs and she was just about to leave when he offered her the two females. He was originally going to keep the male and use him to breed CairPoos. After our rescue contact pointed out the feisty temperament of Cairns, she was dancing out the door with the male as well. This puppy mill no longer has any Cairns!

Let the music begin, as our Latin Dancers take to the dance floor:

Bolero - Male, 3-4 years old, missing the tip of his left ear (probably from frostbite)
The Bolero originated in the late 18th century in Spain. The dance traveled to Cuba and eventually spread to other Latin American countries. It has been called the "most popular lyric tradition in Latin America".

Mambo - Female, 3-4 years old, sister to Tango
The Mambo originated in the late 1940's of Cuban origin and is rhythmically similar to the slower Bolero. Mambo is at the roots of the Salsa dance and is a part of the American Rhythm group of American Style ballroom dances.

Tango - Female, 3-4 years old, sister to Mambo
The Tango originated in Buenos Aires, Argentina and Montevideo, Uruguay in the 1850's and soon spread to the rest of the world. Today there are many Tango dance styles.

I know these furkids all have some pretty fancy dance moves they are just waiting to show off on the dance floors of their foster homes until they dance right into their forever homes. Please join the beat of the Latin Dancers and put your hands together to welcome them to the CP Ballroom!

CPCRN needs Foster Homes! If you are interested in becoming a CP foster home, check out our foster facts. If you are unable to foster but would like to help our puppy mill dogs, and possibly win a great gift, check out our New Leash On Life XII!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Taking Their Place in CP History - Meet the Infamous Missouri Women! - Written by CP's VP of Intakes

There are many women who left their mark in history in specific locales around the country. In southern Missouri, where one of our wonderful vets that cares for many of our PM kids is located, there are two such women; Belle Starr and Carrie Nation.

Belle Starr was born Myra Maybelle Shirley in Carthage, MO. She was born to dirt farmers who became prosperous innkeepers to outlaws the likes of the James Gang and Younger brothers and slave holders. Belle was a prim and proper southern lady until around the time of the Civil War when her brother was killed. Some say he was killed by a band of militia, some say it was rouge union troops and yet others say it was a fight in a saloon over a card game. Well, Belle went on a rampage looking for her brother's killers, in turn killing and wreaking havoc wherever she went. She was known as the Bandit Queen.

Carrie Nation was born Carrie Moore. She was in ill health much of her life and many family members suffered from mental illness. Carrie married Dr. Charles Gloyd but he was a severe alcoholic and her marriage ended and he died shortly after. She became a big player in the temperance movement just before prohibition. She attributed her passion for fighting liquor to her failed marriage. Carrie Nation was a big woman (nearly 6' tall) and went all over the Midwest smashing saloons with an ax. There is still a bar in Carthage, MO that bears the ax marks from Carrie Nation.

Fast forward to current CP history ... CP's puppy mill kids would certainly have reason to act as an outlaw and go after those that have abused and killed so many of them. They would also want to protect others from the evils of a puppy mill. And so, I would like to introduce CP's Belle Starr and Carrie Nation:

Belle Starr: female, wheaten, 3-4 years old, 12.4 pounds
Carrie Nation: female, wheaten, 3-4 years old, 14.6 pounds

Please welcome these two Infamous Missouri Women who will now be making history with Col. Potter!

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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Welcome the Rock N Roll Legends to the CP Stage - Written by CP's VP of Intakes

These nine furkids are all going to be making wonderful music of their own now that they are free from a life in a breeding facility. They were the last nine dogs of a small miller here in Wisconsin who is getting out of the business due to health reasons. As I've always said, there are different degrees of millers. In this case, these kids were lucky to be with a miller who was higher on the scale than most. The last few months they have been her only dogs and have enjoyed perks of living in the house and getting couch time. They are still somewhat shy and frightened and haven't been well socialized, but I think they will come around quickly and be ready to take the stage in their own forever home very quickly.

See if you can match the first name to go with these Rock N Roll Legends:

Joplin: female, DOB 2002, mother of Wilson, reported to love to cuddle
Turner: female, DOB 2003, supposedly loves to give kisses
Diddley: male, 7 years old, gives finger kisses and loves to be a couch buddy
Wilson: female, DOB 2004, Joplin's daughter, sweet girl
Etheridge: female, DOB 12/03, Benatar's sister, a real beauty
Benatar: female, DOB 12/03, Etheridge's sister, love in motion
Nugent: male, 3 years old, a little shy, but adorable
Fogerty: male, DOB 8/16/07, Clapton's brother, the shyest of the group
Clapton, DOB 8/16/07, Fogerty's brother, cute friendly little guy

Joplin, Turner and Diddley are being being vetted in Wisconsin. Everyone else is enjoying the hospitality at Oz Project. Those at the vet will be ready for foster homes this coming weekend. As I posted, we have a TON of PM kids especially waiting for a chance at freedom. In total, I brought in 14, yes, I said 14 puppy mill kids this weekend. I thank all that have gotten in touch with me about taking a foster, but we need more foster homes. Please don't let the music stop here. Give those that are waiting for a ticket a chance to attend the CP concert and experience freedom in the loving arms of Col. Potter. I've already turned down one furkid, please help us get the others to safety and freedom.

And now, how about a standing ovation for the Rock N Roll Legends!!!

If you are interested in becoming a CP foster home, check out our foster facts. If you are unable to foster but would like to help our puppy mill dogs, and possibly win a great gift, check out our New Leash On Life XII!

Monday, July 28, 2008

Welcome Baxter! - Written by a CP Intake Volunteer

Yesterday, a handsome, young cairn became an official Col. Potter kid. Baxter is a beautiful black brindle who is soon to be 5 years old. He is an owner surrender whose owner decided it was best to find Baxter a home due to her advancing age. Baxter was an only child. He likes squeaky balls, being petted and will roll over for belly rubs. He's a very typical cairn boy.

Baxter will be enjoying life with foster mom Patty L. and three lovely cairn foster sisters. A guy couldn't have it better! Please welcome Baxter to the Col. Potter family.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

From A Pauper To A Princess - The Journey of a Puppy Mill Dog (Update 5)

We've all followed the journey of Flopsy, also know as Rusty, from the puppy mill to her forever home thanks to her Foster Mom, Karen, one of CPCRN's foster mentors. (To read Rusty's journey from a pauper to a princess written by her Foster Mom click here.) Rusty started the next chapter of her life in January 2008 when she was adopted by her Forever Mom, Sheryl. Not only did Rusty get her chance at "happily ever after" she also got a new name! Rusty is now known as Maisie and lives with her brothers Murry and Micha. Maisie's story continues thanks to updates from her Forever Mom. (To read previous updates click here.)

April 24, 2008 - Maisie update from her Forever Mom

Now that it's almost Spring, our little girl is assuming the guise of 'Squirrel Girl' a true super hero - no squirrel too far away, too small or too high up in a tree. Squirrel Girl could leap tall buildings in a single bound (potentially), but is content to leap around the yard and stare into the trees on the off chance that there will be an up close and personal encounter.

And today, just to spice things up, we had a pair of mallard ducks (male and female) in the yard. We were going out to the car to go to the park, and fortunately, because I know how our little girl has such excellent eyesight, I had a very firm grip on her rope and had it wrapped around my hand several times, so that when she spotted the mallards, she couldn't just bound right over to them. It took me a minute to see what she was seeing. I think the ducks were eating food that had spilled from the bird feeder, but it's quite unusual for them to come up from the beach.

We've been trying something new at the park, now that we've been going there for 3 months and she knows it's safe. I used to tell everyone “don't look at her; don't say her name”. Now they are all talking to her and saying her name so that she can learn no harm comes from that. She gets those really big eyes, but is less fearful.

And, here's an example of something good coming from something that was not good. There is man at the park who carries a bag of treats for his dog, and insists on giving them out to all the other dogs in spite of being asked not to. About 3 weeks ago he gave Murry a treat that lodged in his throat. Poor Murry couldn't swallow, but he was able to breathe. People were suggesting a Heimlich maneuver, fingers down the throat, etc. I was just watching him as he was not very agitated and was trying to swallow. Then one woman came over and said she does 'energy work' with animals, and maybe she could help. I agreed and she put her hands on Murry's back, toward his tail. She gently massaged him for about a minute and then he threw up the treat and his breakfast - and was fine after that. In talking with her I learned that she is a Reiki Master - Reiki is an ancient and traditional form of energy balancing originating in Japan. Anyway, we talked about Maisie and she thought she might be able to help, so this past Monday she came over and gave her a treatment. It was easy, I just held Maisie on my lap, and she gently touched her for about 20 minutes. Maisie didn't mind, although she looked at the woman a couple of times, and then she put her head down and gave a big sigh. I wasn't sure what to expect form this, but thought it was worth trying. I was so surprised the next day when I noticed that Maisie was acting less fearful, and also seemed more relaxed. The next day we got to the park a bit later than usual, so folks were finished with their walks and just visiting at the picnic tables. I went over, and put Maisie up on the table and there were 5 men sitting at the table. I sat right in front of her and even with the men talking and laughing, she wasn't acting afraid - she didn't try to get down, and even looked around a bit at them. So on Saturday she's going to have another treatment.

The other thing that happened after this is that she initiated some play with Murry in the yard. We also had a visitor, a little schnauzer, and she was running with him and Murry a few times.

So, all good things, I think; very small steps, but all progress. Murry seems more interested in her, so that is good. The kitty really likes her, and of course, I'm madly in love with her!

To Be Continued ...

If you would like to help a puppy mill dog like Maisie and possibly win a great gift check out our New Leash On Life XII!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

We FINALLY Know What's Going on with Chopin - Written by her Foster Mom

Chopin arrived in CP November 11th of last year. On a transport with several breeds of dogs, packed in a van, she shared a crate with 6 other 7-8 week old cairn puppies. She was one of the Composers - Mozart, Schumann, Rimsky, and all the others. There were 12 scheduled to be surrendered. On Sunday we received a call. There was one more. Would we take a 13th puppy, a sick one? So Chopin was included, just in the nick of time.

Monika met the transport in a Cracker Barrel parking lot. When she looked in the crate of 6 bouncing, wiggling puppies, there was once lying still on the bottom of the crate - Chopin. Luckily, Kathy Hunt was there to take the other 12 puppies and dogs, because Monika was on a mission. She had to get that little girl to the vet before we lost her.

Chopin's heart rate and blood pressure had started dropping before Monika got her to the vet. She was on her way out of this world having used the last of her strength and will to survive just to get to St. Louis. Monika's soft voice saying, "Hang on little girl. We're going to make it. Hang on!" over and over may have been the only lifeline that kept her in this world until they got to the vet. Dehydrated, starved, her eyes were crusted shut with infection, swollen and sore. We'd don't know how much time, if any of her 5 months of life, she had been able to see the world, she was surviving through. After she got home, Chopin would stand and stare out the window in wonder, as if she'd never seen the world before.

Once home she started displaying strange symptoms and we ran numerous tests. Liver shunt, dry eye, CMO, EPI, worms, parasites, and a myriad of other problems were considered as we tried to figure out what was going on inside her little body. But she just didn't thrive. She was 4.2 pounds at 5 months when she came into CP (the 7/8 wk old puppies weighed that much and more). Around Christmas she was spayed and they removed the 14 baby teeth that hadn't fallen out so she no longer had 2 sets of teeth crowding her little mouth. Piranha mouth had to find a new name.

By January she was almost 7 pounds, but having flashbacks, lashing out unexpectedly, curling her lip, snarling, baring her teeth. During those episodes she didn't recognize me and her eyes showed fear, pure terror. Then they would end, she'd give a little moan of recognition and cuddle close for comfort.

This was a puppy with problems, but we couldn't find them. She'd pace as if she was nervous, scared, or in pain/discomfort. Yet she'd been x-rayed, tested, poked, prodded and we couldn't find anything. Some things helped a little and she would improve for a time, but we couldn't find a clear path of progress for her. She would be fine for a few weeks, and then she would have a day, a few days, or sometimes of week of snarling, circling, not eating - a bad spell. Just when I'd get her to the vet, she'd turn a corner and get better again. But in the meantime she would have lost a pound, lost some trust, and we'd have to start again.

Earlier this month we took her to University of Missouri Vet Hospital in Columbia. These are the people that helped Beacon and Casatta. The people in the Internal Medicine dept started at square one and ran several tests; a full blood chemistry, x-rays, ultrasounds. We assumed that since she wasn't gaining weight, she must have a problem in her digestive tract. We'd ruled out every other digestive problem we could think of.

The good news is that in the week before we got to the hospital, she gained 2.25 pounds! She now weighs 12.9 pounds, a respectable weight for a girl of her age and build.

They found a very high concentration of sodium in her system with elevated chloride, potassium, and other chemicals, that in and of itself could cause problems in her metabolism because it threw her system so far out of whack. It also led them to look at other possibilities. They needed to do a CT scan to see if they could find out more.

I had to come home and leave her there overnight. This was very hard. It's the first time in the 8 months she's been here that she's been away from me. Because of her health and behavior problems, if I went out of town, she went with me. I haven't left her with anyone else. Because she could be aggressive when uncomfortable/in pain, and because the test they would have to do would inevitably make her uncomfortable, I worried that she would gain a 'reputation' at the hospital. But we needed to find out what was going on and how we could help her, so I drove the 2 hours home and waited.

The next night I drove back to Columbia after work to pick her up and hear what they had found from the CT scan. Chopin has hydroencephalus, fluid surrounding her brain. There is also a malformation of her skull caused Chiari malformation. It's a birth defect that can compress her brainstem if it progresses. The hydroencephalus is putting pressure on the 'thirst center' of her brain causing a condition called, hypodipsia, meaning she doesn't have a thirst sensation. Even though she's thirsty, and uncomfortable, she doesn't equate that to needing to drink. When offered water, she will sniff at it and refuse it. This is probably causing the high sodium content in her body.

High sodium can cause reduced mentation (ability to think), behavior changes (aggression), seizures, and death. Thus it is essential she consume enough water daily to flush the sodium out of her body. The amazing thing is that her prognosis is fairly good. As long as she consumes adequate water daily (13 oz at this point), her sodium levels are monitored, she eats a low sodium diet, and the Chiari malformation doesn't increase/progress, she should thrive. A simple solution for a complex problem.

Without the help of CP, this baby would have been dead before November 12th last year. Now, again with your help, we were able to find out what is wrong with her and how to help her. Remember when you donate to NLOL you help Chopin and all the kids like her.

I can't say it enough. Thank you SO much for all of your help. Everything you do, big or small, adds to what we are able to do at CP to help these dogs.

Thanks - really.....thanks bunches.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Give a Bark Out to Barkley! Written by a CP Intake Volunteer

This weekend a little red wheaten boy entered the loving arms of Col. Potter. Please welcome Barkley! We are also welcoming one of our newest foster homes who stepped in to give this little guy a new chance on life. Beacon's new Forever Dad, Dan M., answered the call when we were looking for a foster home. Please join me in welcoming both Barkley and Dan. I would like to thank Sandy E., Mary Jean O. and Dan M. for giving up their Saturday to get Barkley to his foster home. If you would like to open your home to a foster check out our foster facts!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Welcome Carlin! - Written by a CP Intake Volunteer

This weekend I was notified of a cairn that urgently needed Col. Potter's help. After many emails, late night & early morning phone calls, the cairn was brought to the CP fold the next afternoon. Monday, I got the call that our newest boy, Carlin, was going to his B&B (Bed and Biscuit) after his vet stay.

Carlin is named in honor of George Carlin, one of the most famous and memorable comedians of our time. George Carlin's life came to a sudden end recently leaving many of us saddened and in disbelief. Our little CP Carlin had a similar experience. Carlin was an only dog and 'child' of a married couple who loved him dearly. Their life revolved around him, he was their baby for over seven years. Then a tragic auto accident claimed the lives of Carlin's parents. First reports were that Carlin had perished with them. Later relatives received word that it was not Carlin but a stuffed toy found in the wreckage. They found Carlin alone at home, safe, but now an orphan. Carlin needed our help quickly and got it. On behalf of Carlin, I'd like to personally thank everyone who took my calls and answered my emails offering suggestions and help. Carlin wouldn't be here without it! Just look into his soulful eyes, his thank you is there.

May Carlin soon laugh and smile once more!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

From A Pauper To A Princess - The Journey of a Puppy Mill Dog (Update 4)

We've all followed the journey of Flopsy, also know as Rusty, from the puppy mill to her forever home thanks to her Foster Mom, Karen, one of CPCRN's foster mentors. (To read Rusty's journey from a pauper to a princess written by her Foster Mom click here.) Rusty started the next chapter of her life in January 2008 when she was adopted by her Forever Mom, Sheryl. Not only did Rusty get her chance at "happily ever after" she also got a new name! Rusty is now known as Maisie and lives with her brothers Murry and Micha. Maisie's story continues thanks to updates from her Forever Mom. (To read previous updates click here.)

3/7/08 - Maisie update from her Forever Mom!

We've had some nice milestones this week.

Maisie did "sit" twice with a verbal command - When I'm handing out treats, I always ask Murry to sit, and Maisie only had to "look cute" for the first 6 weeks. Then I started pushing gently on her back end and saying "sit" and then giving her a treat. I have to say she generally seemed bewildered by the process. Anyway, one morning this week after our walk, Murry did his sit, and then when I asked Maisie to sit, she did! Then later in the day did it again! Now she seems to have forgotten, but I know she has it in her.

We were in the front yard, and they were off leash. Maisie usually just stays close to me and then I have to run up and down the yard so she gets some exercise. We'd been out for a while and a friend was walking by and we were talking over the fence, when she remarked on the dogs. When I turned around to look, Maisie was running up and down the yard - chasing Murry and then he chased her - they did this about 5 times, but as soon as she saw me looking at her she stopped. (You know from experience that she does that.) When someone knocks at the front door and Murry runs to the door, Maisie's right there with him. Of course, when we open the door, she moves back across the room to observe, but she's not hiding in a corner anymore.

Earlier this week, we were all in bed and I fell asleep reading - woke up about 3:30 AM with the light still on and noticed that the kitty was using Maisie's mid-section as a pillow. Last night we were all getting settled on the bed and Maisie rested her head on top of Murry's backside and he didn't object. (Murry can be very grumpy on the bed.) They both went to sleep like that.

So we have little bits and pieces of progress. No pressure on her - we just move forward at her pace. We just came in from doing errands and then walking and as it's raining here, we had lots of towel and blow drying. Now I'm settling in to do some work, and they are both on their "office" pillows napping.

To Be Continued ...

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

A Toyland Nap - Written by their Foster Mom

I took these Thursday night. Martha, Betsy and Percy all three curled up together in the middle of a toy pile. Tory wasn't quite ready for a nap yet! They are very sweet when they are sleeping. :) Martha is in the front, Betsy left rear and Percy right rear. Tory, of course, is on the one on the move.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

From A Pauper To A Princess - The Journey of a Puppy Mill Dog (Update 3)

We've all followed the journey of Flopsy, also know as Rusty, from the puppy mill to her forever home thanks to her Foster Mom, Karen, one of CPCRN's foster mentors. (To read Rusty's journey from a pauper to a princess written by her Foster Mom click here.) Rusty started the next chapter of her life in January 2008 when she was adopted by her Forever Mom, Sheryl. Not only did Rusty get her chance at "happily ever after" she also got a new name! Rusty is now known as Maisie and lives with her brothers Murry and Micha. Maisie's story continues thanks to updates from her Forever Mom. (To read previous updates click here.)

2/14/08 - Happy Valentine's Day From Maisie!

Hi Foster Mom & Dad - Maisie here with lots of LUV for you ! ! ! Do you remember this picture of you and me? I've had sooooo many adventures since then - and sooooo many new friends.

Mommy Sheryl takes us for lots of walks - I've met lots of dogs at the park - some are really big but they all like me. We go in the car to get to the park and I have my own crate in the back seat, right next to Murry's so we can see each other and we can look out the windows too. My little undershirt with all the hearts is just great for keeping me extra warm under my special jacket with my name on it. Murry looks very smart in his black and white jacket.

My toes are getting lots better - I get my pills three times a day and they are always covered with something yummy, so I really like to take them.

After dinner we get bones to chew on - well, Micha doesn't because he's busy taking another nap - he really sleeps a lot - when he's not watching the birds at the bird feeder - we call it Bird TV!

At bed time Mommy Sheryl puts me and Murry up on the bed - we know not to jump down. Micha jumps up and down on his own, but that's just the way kitties are. Here is a picture of us waiting for Sheryl. Micha is so silly, when we go to sleep he gets completely under the top cover - he looks like a big lump. I sleep between Murry and Sheryl - very comfy and sometimes I even snuggle up to Murry - he's my good buddy.

When we go outside he barks a couple of times and then we run around together to make sure there are no wild animals in the yard - can't be too careful, you know. Sometimes there's frozen snow so I eat the ice - it's yummy.

I'm so happy in my new home - just this week I realized that when someone walks towards me, I don’t' have to run - that it has nothing to do with me. Sometimes Mommy Sheryl calls me "Maisie Daisy" - she says that's 'cause I'm like a flower getting ready to bloom. Thanks for taking such good care of me - luvs from Maisie - and hello to all my Cairn buddies!

To Be Continued ...

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Do You Remember Miracle? (Entry Eight)

Some Col. Potter cairns develop their own "fan club" and such is the case with Miracle. For the next few days we'll be posting his story - how he came into Col. Potter, his surgery, life with his Foster Mom and "nurse" and a wonderful update from his Forever Home. Do you remember Miracle? (To read previous entries click here.)

The following is an update written by Miracle's Forever Family June 30, 2008, and concludes the series - "Do You Remember Miracle?":

Miracle Update

This is written for those who cared for Miracle before we knew him, who love him, and who made his entry into our lives possible…

Miracle is our middle Cairn child of three we currently are blessed to have with us. He lives with Rion, a darker Cairn who loves to patrol our back yard, and Khaki , another rescued girl who has a dear heart. The three of them have formed a sort of pack and we sometimes joke that we don’t have three dogs but maybe one with 12 legs. Rion and Miracle like to rough house together, pouncing on one another. Khaki plays big sister referee, barking at them to cut it out after they go on more than a few minutes. The two boys listen to her and knock it off after she sounds the alert.

We call Miracle by two nicknames; one is the Love Sponge. If you sit down, it is usually within 30-60 seconds that Miracle is up by your side ready for some love. He will stay near you to receive all the love you want to give. In the mornings, he wakes up with his tail thumping on the bed, nothing else moving. You must rub his tummy a few times before he will move and get up for the day, kind of like jump starting a car. Or at least he has trained us for this routine. He has also figured out how to get within range of petting by jumping up on the back of chairs and sofas as you pass by so that he is within convenient arm’s reach for ear rubs and back strokes.

The other nickname we have for Miracle is the Bunny Rabbit with Teeth. He loves to lie on his back and play with you. All you see is a bundle of white fur, black paw pads, a pink tongue and little white teeth. He snorts and wiggles as you play. He thinks this is wonderful fun. He also loves to 'kill' the blanket that came with him in his kennel. For some reason this blanket just never dies. Miracle will spontaneously drag the blanket from his bed out into the hall, then growl, snort and shake it from side to side as he kills it. We’ll put the blanket back into a dog bed, where it lies dead for awhile, then mysteriously comes to life again and must be killed anew.

Personally, the biggest impact Miracle has had is his tremendous journey physically. To see such a little guy go through so much and to come out on the other side with such joy for life is amazing indeed. This is an incredible reminder for me as I have struggled this year with many physical issues. His attitude has been a good reminder about how to approach such challenges.

Anyway, that is a little peek into life with Miracle. We are very grateful for all of the love, care and funds that it took to bring this little bundle of pure Cairn into our lives. We have been richly blessed.

Miracle will always hold a place in CPCRN's heart due to his courage and zest for life. Join us in a video tribute to this special little blond boy - "The Miracle of Love" ...

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Do You Remember Miracle? (Entry Seven)

Some Col. Potter cairns develop their own "fan club" and such is the case with Miracle. For the next few days we'll be posting his story - how he came into Col. Potter, his surgery, life with his Foster Mom and "nurse" and a wonderful update from his Forever Home. Do you remember Miracle? (To read previous entries click here.)

The following is a synopsis of Miracle's journey with CPCRN written by his Foster Mom in October 2007 in response to a question posed by a new CP volunteer inquiring about the nature of Miracle's wounds:

Warning - parts of this post are graphic.

Miracle was attacked by Pit Bulls. His "kind, caring" owner took the boy and dumped him at a shelter on a weekend. No one saw him until Monday morning. When they found him he was nearly dead, covered in horrible wounds, with his right front leg nearly torn off. His head and chest showed multiple bites. He was covered with filth, dried blood and MAGGOTS. The Shelter's first reaction was to put him out of his misery. But someone knew an angel, and called CP's very own Lisa. Lisa called the CP Board who (bless them) said, "Yes, Of course try to save him!" The Vet wanted CP to be sure they understood that he might not even survive the surgery. Lisa named him Miracle. And a lot of folk prayed.

Lisa nursed him for a week or so. Then he was transported by Lisa to Iowa from where he was supposed to go on to Valerie. However he was "accidentally" dognapped by some crazy woman in Iowa. This loony just fell in love with him and since she had a foster spot open, he just kind of, umh, stayed. I remember getting a call from Mo. She was very diplomatic and asked point blank if I understood that he was not out of the woods and we could still lose him. And at the least he may lose the leg that was almost torn off. Could I handle that kind of thing? I told her that I would not be happy, but yes, I could do what needed to be done.

Well it turns out what needed to be done was for our Baylee to meet Miracle. When he first arrived he spent quite some time in a private apartment (X-Pen) in my office. He slept a LOT. The other dogs sniffed him but took very little notice, except for Baylee. She lay by his pen and stayed very close to him. At first I was a bit worried. But I soon realized she was looking after him. When he was able to get out and about Baylee was with him all the time. She walked with him and sat with him and watched him. What she didn't do was try to lick him, which I found interesting. I would sit with him on my lap and rub his wounds and stretch his leg. (His leg would not stretch because of the scarring, so I thought a little physical therapy would help.) But Baylee would sit right there with her nose on my lap as if to say. "Now be careful of his owchie, Mom!" He got a lot better.

Then one day He stood up on his hind legs to ask for a cookie. The next day he was missing. I went to look for him and he was on TOP of the table in the dog room with his head in the cookie jar... I kid you not! I have pictures to prove it!!! Mo was not happy. "You are supposed to be keeping him quiet!" she said. Whoops, Sorry. I forgot to tell Miracle he was still sick!!! Soon he got better and was adopted by a wonderful family in Colorado.

I loved him from first seeing him in Lisa's arms. But here is the really amazing thing about fostering: I knew he wasn't mine. He knew he wasn't mine. I don't know how the dogs know. But from the second he met his Forever Dad he went with him and never turned back to even look. I cried all the way home. But he slept all the way HOME. He knew where he was and where he was going. Lisa was his angel. Baylee was his nurse. I was just a temporary lap. He knew it and I knew it and I don't know how.

For you folk out there who worry about not being able to say goodbye to your fosters: Don't worry about it. Know that a little piece of your heart will leave with them... but luckily that leaves a hole to be filled, and then along comes the next little lost soul that needs you for a while ... just a while …

If after reading Miracle's story you find your heart moved to foster fill out a foster application form and you too can help a cairn on the path to the life they deserve!

Say Irrasshaimase (Welcome) To Our Japanese Couple - Written by CP's VP of Intakes

Japan conjures up an exotic place and gracious people. Our Japanese Couple came from a much different place...

One of the rescue lists posted last week of an Amish puppy mill in PA that had some breeding stock he wanted to get rid of and would deal with rescue if he could "make a deal" and if not, he would kill them as he had done in the past, sort of a kamikaze mission where they didn't have a choice. Among those listed were a breeding pair of Cairns. I couldn't let them fall on their samurai swords, but instead, wanted them to be able to enjoy the beauty of a Japanese Garden.

Yesterday, the rescue representative made the trip to PA and got out a variety of breeds including our Japanese Couple. Cheryl P. met the rescue representative and transported our Japanese Couple to our vet for boarding and vetting. Cheryl also named our Japanese Couple and provided the pictures. THANKS Cheryl for your help!

Please say Irrasshaimase to Mari (mah ray) meaning beloved and Michio (me she oh) meaning young man on the right path. They are both 5 years old, very shy and frightened. Mari has a tumor or hernia and her paws are raw and severely splayed from living on wire. Michio is matted to the skin with dreadlocks.

Both Mari and Michio will be traveling to their foster Uchi (homes) this weekend. Mari will be traveling to be with Kim D. and Michio will be traveling to be with NEW foster mom, Glenna S.

Irrasshaimase to Mari and Michio, a gracious life now awaits you...