Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The Foster Spotlight Is On GIANNA!

Happy New Year! I was at a New Year's party and got to thinking about this past year. I thought I would share my past year with you all!

My name is Gianna. I have been on a long journey and thought you all might like to hear my story!

I originally came from the South. Down South that is. I am a true Southern Belle! I enjoyed being a Southern Belle, but a day came when I was very mysteriously moved from my Southern home, to a new home in Southern California! I wasn't sure what was going on and was a bit nervous about this whole moving thing! There I was, just uprooted from the person I owned by a big bad hurricane and hard times.
Thus began my journey in my new home. It's called a temporary home. Hmmm…a foster home. So this is not my furevah home, but an in between place? I am training this family and then I will have to do this again? Oh bother, these humans sure are strange! But, all aside, I do love my foster home family!

My temporary family in Californea has been most helpful! They had me diagnosed with diabetes and now that I am getting my shot after my morning and evening meal, I am feeling healthier. And let me tell you, that shot after my meal just takes a second to give! Fast and easy. Kind of like my motto for fun! Then my foster mom had my cataracts removed! NOW I am having fun, feeling frisky and having a blast!

I love to meet new people! These two-legged hoomans just fascinate me! I love to hear them laugh! Some of them are pretty funny you know. So how do you make them laugh? Well, you just have to put some of the Southern belle away for starters! Now here are some of the things I like to do to get the attention and laughter of the humans!
  1. I want your attention! I sit up in my best Meerkat pose so that you think I am cute. It automatically brings you my way for scritches and or treats!

  2. Why don't you lie down on the floor? I promise to come to you immediately and kiss you all over for a good belly rub!

  3. I like to walk backwards. My hoomans then go beep…beep…beep. I think this is so funny. I am not sure who is laughing the most, them or me!

  4. I love to kill my toys! Or shake them to death. The hoomans just watch and laugh. Well, I am having fun and if this makes them laugh, then it's even more fun!

  5. This is my favorite! I love to fall over on my back, stick my legs straight up and rub my back on the ground and grunt! The hoomans go nuts over this!

There are a lot of other things I love to do. I do like going for walks and I love to cuddle. I will sit at your feet while you are busy with the TV or while you are on your computer. I love to go for rides so I am a great traveler if you like to travel! I would love to be an only dog, but I guess I could handle having a boy around! What I am looking for here, is a home that has a sense of humor and a whole lot of love. I have a lot of love to give to a fureveh family and now that you know a bit more about me, go to Col. Potter Cairn Rescue and fill out my adoption application!

To apply to adopt Gianna click here!

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