Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Written by CP's VP of Intakes

This past weekend, four adorable little Cairns made it to freedom and into the loving arms of Col. Potter thanks to a CP volunteer braving sub-zero windchills, ice and snow to get them. This almost didn't happen because of the terrible weather in the midwest. Last Friday night I was faced with the dilemma of a key person not being able to get out due to the weather to get them and meet her. After many back and forth phone calls and making direct contact, I was able to get an alternate plan set-up and luckily everyone was able to get their cars started, plow through the ice and snow and to the meeting place yesterday to start these furkids on their journey.

Col. Potter would not be able to help the furkids coming out of breeding programs if it were not for the support of several key programs designed specifically to help these kids. One of them is the Name a PM Kid Program. This is a wonderful way to honor or remember someone that has done something special or who is no long with us. It also makes a great gift for the person who has everything or is a true Cairn lover and would like nothing better than a gift that keeps giving. Please consider donating to the name a PM Kid Program and give the gift of life for a PM Cairn.

All four of the Special Ones Remembered are from the Name a PM Kid Program and are in memory of a special one to a CP member:

Betty Jane - F - in memory of Amy and Brian's special Betty Jane

Cassie O - F - in memory of Karen and Tony's beloved Cassie, the cat

Tiny Bits - F - in memory of Daphne E's mother whose nickname was Tiny Bits

Billy Howard - M - in memory of Bobbie B' s dad, Billy H.

A ll four of these kids were born in 4/05 and I think you will agree are just adorable. These Special Ones all have other Special Ones looking over them. Please help me welcome the Special Ones Remembered to CP!

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