Monday, January 4, 2010

A Happy Goodbye from Big Boy Bert

Hi, Folks!

In case you were wondering what was happening with me after reading about me here before, I have had a busy couple of months, but foster mom has been so busy, she hasn't had time to write and tell you about it. I decided I just had to tell you myself!

I get along great with my foster brother and sisters. We run and play in the yard. In fact, I ran so much, I lost a couple of pounds. Big Boy Bert isn't quite as BIG any more! lol I went to the vet's this morning and I weight 17.6 pounds. That's a pretty respectable weight for a cairn boy!

Oh, and about that vet visit........I went for a very special reason. I had to get a health certificate so I can fly to my forever home this week.. Isn't that exciting! The doctor said I was a good boy, even if I was a little excited. And she said I was healthy and strong, too!

Foster mama took some picture of me the other day to show my new mama and daddy. And today she cleaned me all up and took some more! She said she took off half a dog today! (Don't worry. It's ok. I checked and both halves of me are still there.)

Now about my new home...........I'm going to live in Boston, MA! My mama and daddy adopted another CP kid last Spring, but he's kind of afraid, so I'm going to go teach him how to play and be brave. He's going to be my brother. And I'll have a sister, too. Her name is LouLou. She's kind of old and she doesn't play much any more. But you know how much the girls love me, so we'll see if she plays with me. I'm going to ride in the airplane to Boston. I'm riding on Continental. Do you know what they do? They treat the animals like kings and queens! They have these special vans that meet the planes. A van will come to my plane and pick me up and take me to my next plane. I'll be nice and warm so I don't have to worry about getting too cold on my way to Boston. Isn't that Great!

Anyway, I wanted to tell everybody at CP how great you guys are. I love my foster family, but I'm so excited about my forever family. Foster mama says they sound just perfect for me. I can't wait to meet them.

Lots of loves!

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