Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Welcome new kids, Tempie, Mulkin, Mulvine, Miss Sweets and Cammie

Contributed by a CP Intakes Team Member

Please help me officially welcome our new kids, five little ones who ended last year with sadness, but welcome the New Year with hope. Once again, from a desperate situation, Col Potter has give these kids another chance. Introducing:

Tempie - age 14, black brindle petite girl

Mulkin - age 14, wheaten boy with a lot to say!
Mulvine - age 13, grey wheaten girl

Miss Sweets - age 8, black brindle girl

Cammie - age 5, red wheaten girl

These are sweet, friendly, loving cairns. They have arrived in their two new foster homes. We are thrilled that each one will have a familiar face to help during the transition. Every sign points to some major 'flunking' in the future!!
We had a WONDERFUL outpouring of offers to foster these little ones. Every one of you who offered have our gratitude. To know that there is such love and selflessness in the world is an inspiration. Thank you.

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