Monday, February 1, 2010

Stinger says "Fank You Kernell Pottur!"

Contributed by Stinger's foster mom

Dis is Stinger, anna I wanna send a *BIG* FANK YOU to dis Kernell Pottur guy fur gibbing me and my kidz anna all da uddur kidz from da pwase we yousta libbs a brake in life anna gettin us outta dat pwase anna gibben us such gud care anna homez dat lubz us! Dese fosser peeplez here keeps tellin me dat I'm gonna fine a wunnerfull home jes likes my kidz did, anna I don't no why I jes can't stay heer cuz I likez da kidz here, but day sayz dere's a fambly luuking jes fer a gurl likez me to lub, so I gess I'm happee hangin out heer til they findz me. She sez I'm a sweetie, butz I can't stay cuz derez alwayz mor atz da door needin a new beginnin. Ifn, derez mor needin help, I axed her whyz derez not mor pwacez like dis fur dem to go? She tole me dat not all famblees can habz a big pack likez heer, butz I don unnerstandz why cuz we all getz along heer anna we presheate all we getz cuz we node how bad da pwacez waz we cum frum. Us mill kidz jes need a brake! So I jez fink da Kernell needz ta tell all hiz famblee tu fink about heppin us kidz out by lettin sumboddee stayz at der hows a while untill da fambleez lukin fer dem findz em! I fink momma lubz us jes as much as da "house kidz" here cuz she gibz us da same food anna warm bed anna lotz ob lubbin, jes like weer all alike! Didz u no dere waz fiphteen ob us kidz here when me an da kidz came heer durin da CRAP? Now derez jes eleben. So I fink eberboddee needz tu fink about findin a spot anna heppin out jes one extra kid dat needz a brake.

Fosser momma sez deerz sum matchmekkerz out der watchin fer da peeplez dat r lukin fer me to helpz dem no I'm heer in Missuree wif da Barez an Kampur boy waitin tu be found. Dat ladee named Liz R dat helped finded da homez fur my puppeez did da bestest job in da hole wurld - momma sed sew! I wanna sendz her a hi phive anna lotz ub wet kissez cuz I prisheate dat she cared enuff to hep my kidz no whatz itz like tu be lubbed by dat famblee dat waz lukin fur dem - momma sez Liz gotz kidz at hur howse datz had a ruff time in da passed, so she unndertanz how 'portant da rite furever famblee iz!

HEY - If'n she'z dun findin homez fur puppees, maybee she'z lukin fur homez fur us big kidz now! wheeeeeee!

Fankz agen - if u cud seez me u'd seez my tail goin like a whurleeburd cuz I'm so happee.

Stinger, da momma of Shirley Temple nka Ruby, Slush nka Roy, Fizz, anna Swizzle nka Journey

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