Monday, March 15, 2010

Do You have a plan in case of a house fire?

Contributed by CP Volunteer
Written by a thoughtful friend
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In the last three years, two dear friends of mine have had house fires, and in both homes, they lost the majority of their pets to the fires.

They each lost most of their animals, because when they set the dogs and cats outside, most of them followed them right back into the house.

Everyone with pets needs to have a plan easily followed and reviewed by everyone in the house, and that has to include SOMEPLACE to put the dogs/cats that they can't follow you back in IF you go back in for them. (Not advising to, no one advises one to re-enter a burning building, but....)

Have crates stacked near each door, to put them in, and shove out the door... Or have a vehicle close to the house, easy to get to, that you can put the dogs/cats into, if possible, but if you shove dogs and cats in without attaching them one may jump out when you shove another animal in...crates are so important for EACH animal. Or a fenced area with an easy open/close gate, if house door doesn't open to a fenced area. Or pens. Or large cages, crates outside, or on roofs outside windows. Leashes and collars in multiple places where they can be gotten to fast.

Don't forget COPIES of vaccinations, medical records, license, CP tag 800 number, vet and emergency vet phone numbers. Put this in each car you own, give a set of records to a friend or neighbor...or a friend AND a neighbor and/or relative.

Put a sign on entrances PETS HERE. Plan ahead. This past weekend, be sure that you have REPLACED YOUR SMOKE DETECTOR BATTERIES. If you don't have smoke/CO detectors, buy them, somehow. Ask for fire extinguishers for your birthday or Christmas, if you don't have any or enough. Plan ahead, and be as safe as you can.

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