Saturday, April 17, 2010

4/17/10 There are only two day left to vote in the Shelter Challenge see today's Update

Hello Everyone,

Tomorrow is the last Day of this Challenge. At midnight on the 18th this Challenge is officially over, by Monday morning we will know who the initial winners will be. It appears Copper Country will beat Denison City, as they are in the #1 spot this morning with 3.11% of the overall vote, up a whopping .22% from 2.89% yesterday. Wow, that's what I wish we could do, and will in the next Challenge, starting May 17th, exactly one month from today. Denison City went from 2.96% to 3.0% of the overall vote, only a modest .04% increase, but one that I'd take at this point if it could happen. Rolling Dog and Col Potter stayed where we were yesterday, at 1.17% and 1.1% respectively. We have .06% to make up in 1 day, to get to 4th place and a $3,000 Honorable Mention prize. As farmers use to say, "we're down to the short rows now" meaning we are quickly coming to the end of this Challenge and we need all the votes we can muster from here on out. Please continue to vote for the next day and believe we'll win. Please support Col Potter and cairn rescue with your vote at the link below:
Col. Potter Cairn Rescue Network-GL
City:....MEDINA State:....OHIO

Thanks for your support

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