Monday, April 19, 2010

Vancouver and Pups Day 1

Written by Vancouver and her puppies' foster mom

They are way too cute! Besides missing toes, the pups are missing part of their tails. It could have been due to frost bite, since these babies were born in Feb. We think Vancouver's missing coat could be that she pulled it out herself to make a nest for her babies.

Observations thus far....
Montreal- largest - boy - outgoing and pushy
Winnipeg- smallest - boy - also has his ears up - sits quietly and watches
Calgary- middle sized - girl - whines for attention
These kids are very close in color at a glance. Montreal does have a little white on his chest. I tried to show how long and thin Vancouver is also.

They just turned 7 weeks. Montreal weighs 2.5 lbs, Calgary 1.45 lbs and Winnipeg 1.4 lbs. Calgary looks much tinier than even Winnipeg. She reminds me of out WuWu who was so much smaller than her sibs. They all are eating well, so I am sure they will grow and gain quickly.

Vancouver and Pups Day 1

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