Sunday, May 2, 2010

Crete Update and after surgery pictures! Won't you be one of his Guardian Angels?

Contributed by Crete's foster mom

Our boy is convalescing on a big dog bed behind my desk. Sleep with an occasional excursion outside carried by his personal attendant. Yogurt and merrick canned in his bowl for lunch with a little white happy pill. I think he is smiling behind the furr LOL

He is home sleeping in a nice comfy crate. He has about a 6" incision from his hip down his leg. Shaved tail that looks like a lions. Half a body shaved.He will be on rest for about 2 weeks. Slow walks. Then stitches out. He had a small dinner and a pain pill. Glad to have this boy home. It is nice to know that he has a whole bunch of caring aunts and uncles out there.

Please help Col. Potter to continue to provide funds for all of our rescued cairns. This was an expensive surgery and any assistance you can provide towards it in any amount, no matter how small will be deeply appreciated. Please follow this link to become a Guardian Angel for Crete.

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