Friday, May 7, 2010

Vicar saves his Cairn with mouth-to-muzzle resuscitation!!!!

Reverend Ian Blay, 44, was helping the soon-to-be wed pair run through their ceremony when his wife burst in with their Cairn terrier Izzy in her arms.

Reverend Blay immediately stopped the rehearsal at St Wilfred's church in Mobberley, Cheshire, to pull out a piece of cheddar cheese lodged in the dog's throat, before giving his beloved terrier mouth-to-mouth resuscitation.

His wife Suzanne, 43 told the Daily Mail: 'Ian's intervention was incredible and saved Izzy's life. Bizarrely his kiss of life happened just as the couple were about to rehearse the bit where the groom has to kiss the bride.

'I had been unpacking the shopping and Izzy has cheddar cheese as a little treat now and again.

'But she started choking, really, really badly and making noises and it was then when she just flopped on the floor.

'I slapped her, then panicked and ran out of the house. I was going to run to the farm next door but then I remembered he was in the church and I was so desperate and crying.'
She continued: 'Ian removed the cheese with his fingers, gave Izzy the kiss of life and the father of the bride gave chest compressions. Izzy then just rolled over and ran out of the church and started drinking some water back at the vicarage.

'I thought when I brought her into church Izzy she was dead, it was unbelievable at the time.

'When I first ran into the church everyone just stopped and turned round.

'Ian said when I first ran in he didn't believe she was dead but it was only when he saw how floppy she was he then started to realise something was wrong.

'It was a big relief and very emotional when she came back round again. When you look back at it, it is quite funny. To think she could have died from a piece of cheese though is terrible.

'I gave Izzy a big cuddle after. I definitely won't be feeding her any cheese in future.'
Newlyweds Toby Wilbraham, 36, and Caroline McGoun, 35, tied the knot for real the following week, without any canine interruptions.
The groom's mother Helen said: 'My son had told her what had happened as they were fine-tuning their big day.

'As the rehearsal was taking place, the vicar's wife burst into the church carrying this limp dog and I have been told it looked like it was clearly dying.

'The vicar took the dog into the vestry and then scooped out a lump of cheese that was lodged in the throat. He then gave it the kiss of life and it was alive.

'Everybody who was there was just agog.'

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