Thursday, May 20, 2010

Welcome Barnabus!

Written by a CP Intakes volunteer

Tough times are still the sad reason many good pets are being surrendered. Another family found themselves in that situation and took Barnabus to a local humane society. Being a small town hard hit with recession, adoptions were slow. Barnabus wasn't having any luck finding a home. The shelter didn't know anything about cairn terriers or how a cairn was supposed to act. They weren't sure if Barnabus liked other dogs because he'd bark at them when they walked by his kennel - especially the Rottweiler! To confuse the staff even more, Barnabus would run up to the them, barking and then flop over for a belly rub. He knew how to work the room. They decided Barnabus was a sweet fun guy who needed more exposure to find a new home so they asked Col. Potter for help.

Barnabus is a healthy, handsome 3 year old boy who knows basic commands, loves to play ball, and has a great cairn coat which he loves to have brushed. Barnabus has stepped out of the dark shadows and into the bright sunshine!

Please welcome Barnabus....

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