Monday, June 21, 2010


Submitted by Timmy, Roving Cairn reporter

Der Col Potter Aunties, Uncles & Cusins

Dis is Timmy, reportin from da front at da CRAP. First u have to know dat dis CRAP was held in a beauuuutiful place where AT&T hasn't found cus der wurnt no service dare. So no ipad report from da front. It wusn't my fault...blame AT&T.

OK. We drove a long way into a new country named Mizzo, or sumtin. I jus knew "we weren't in Kansas anymore." I brought along my brudder Georgie n his mom, da beutiful Ida. I kept tellin dem dat a CRAP is fun, fun, fun but u hafta be dare to kno. But as soon as we arrived at da hotel n saw all dose odder cairns all nosen da ground smellin fur pee we knew we wuz at da right place. Wow, lots of good lukin girl cairns. Anyway, I digress.

Da furst night wuznt much fun cause we had to be in a crate while all da humans got to meet n eat at a great resturant. My momma said it was so gud to see lots of people she had met in ROME and new people too, especially Sydney who introduced her to Col Potter.

Da next day we got to go to the CRAP and boy wuz it hot but also lots a fun. We got to run in a big pen and meet lots of cusins. George had never seen so many cairns, he is an only child you know. Ida kept runnin up to say hello to everyone, she is berry friendly. My mama wurked sum and my dadder set up our pen in da shade. Den we left to get sum food for dem and a long nap for all of us cause we were so hot n tired. We came back and der were even more cairns dare.

So Friday wuz hot n fun but we wuz tired.

We gots dare early on Saturday and boy wuz dat a gud day. Everybuddy wuz dare. We saw Danielle pullin sum poor cairn's hair out. Boy am I glad I wasn't da one dis year. Den I vulntered to lay on Corrine's lap n pretend to hab my nails done. I wudnt have dune it if it was fur real, but all I had to do wuz look cute n I am a gud actor.

Den dare wuz a lunch n all da dadders wuz honered, even my dad. Den dis lady, Pam started teachin about tricks n da clicker. My brudder n I were real excited cuz we kno what happens after da click. So we decided to vulnteer, even tho she wuz usin another cairn. Georgie used his charm n got her to give him sum cheese but she was wize to us n stopped given treats jus as I got dare. DARN! But our momma keeps treats in her pocket so we wuz not too disappointed.

Den, guess what...a BIG WIND started blowin n we all had to take cover in da airconditioned room whiles others wur keepin da tents frum blowin ober. We were scared for a few minutes. But there wuz only a little rain n no tornado to blow us to OZ. I guess dat is good. Anyway, dare wuz da really neat thing next, da Blessing of Da Animuls by Deidra...bery wonderful. I wuz rememberin my foster sister, Blyken, who died from complications of heartworm. So it was a bery solumn and sacred moment. Den the storm wuz ober n we could play. Oh my gosh...I furgot my faborite ting.

Before da blessin we had da Costume Parade. I lead eberybody wid my July 4 costume u already saw. My sister and brudder also wuz dressin in July 4 costumes. Hopefully some of our followers got pictures. Der wur great costumes, a horse wid a rider, a butterfly/fairy, carins in kilts, a lobster, a cowgirl. But our faborite wuz Meatloaf who came as the Blue Plate Special.

Den later dare was a big dinner and de Aunties n Uncles wuz actin silly n buyin stuff. My momma was sooo happy she got a little cairn made otta our fur. Why she wuz happy we don't know caus she has us n we habe lots a fur. Anyway, she also got sumtin called a pie quilt dat made her berry happy too. And our dadder who neber gets anything, won a camera. Ida wusn't too happy bout dat cuz she hates to hab her picutre taken, except by Bethy who became her friend at da CRAP. But dat is another story and dis is already too long.

Saturday night we all asked to go into our crates as soon as we wuz home we wuz sooo tired. Den the next day we drove home and dats where we are now.

Hope dis helped u get a feel for da CRAP. We thank Karen N Mike and everbuddy else who made dis such a fun event fur us n our parents. And we send kisses to all our new friends!

Your reporter from da front,

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