Friday, June 25, 2010


Contributed by CP Volunteers who are grateful to the CP Dads

Bill with Tigger and Wiggles

All the fellows that came to CRAP this past weekend, did so giving up their own Father’s Day with their family. We wanted to pay tribute to them and the sacrifice that they made on this particular occasion. Follow the Father's Day link above for some pictures of some of them in our Sunday Sweets feature. But we also wanted to note HOW important the foster dads are to these frightened and damaged foster dogs. Most likely the foster dad is the first positive experience many of these dogs have had with a male human. They do their job, and they do it so well.

For Tom B... who has weathered multiple rejections from puppy mill girls and still loves them! Love Alice
- - - - - - -
For Jim C.… little did he know ...all my baggage was Cairns. Love Mary
- - - - - - -
For Brian A. … who couldn’t understand “why she won’t come to me?” is now “Lucy’s very own DAD”. Who has lived through two cookbook editorships and countless conference calls for CRAP and who is always the bright spot in my day. Who is my rock; and who had no idea that doing so little for so many helps so much. Love Amy
- - - - - - -
For Mike K. …The handsome man with me now, I want to thank you for the past ten wonderful years of marriage. From Maggy, Marcy, Muffy & Puppy Boy M - We want to thank you for being the best Dog Daddy in the world. You get up early to let us outside and to give us breakfast. You play with us and you nap with us. You hold us and you give us lots of treats. And you don't gag on poop patrol when we leave you “treats”. Happy Father's Day!!

This will be my first Father's Day without my Dad. He is a twinkling star above and beside me with each bowl of ice cream I have. Thank you Dad ... Love Joellyn
- - - - - - -
For Bill E. … Little did he know that when I volunteered for us to do transports - he'd be missing his standing golf game with his buddies on Saturday or Sunday OR sometimes both days. But like the trooper he is, when a request for transport help comes, he just smiles and says "sure we'll transport, I can golf some other time". Love Pam
- - - - - - -
For Tim B.
We love our mom but dad's the best...
He takes us for our daily walk
and always knows who's about to pop
he lets us sniff, and hike and mark
even when it's cold and dark

Never does he try to groom us
but claps and laughs at all our zoomers
He always smiles when we are near
and even lets us sample his beer

Dad's the one whose chair we share
Meatloaf snuggles, Duffy stares,
Tori lifts her lip and glares
then dumps us off our Papa's chair

We ride the boat and swim in the lake
zoom on the island and hunt for that snake.

Life is good and we are blessed
we love our mom but dad's the best!
- - - - - - -
For Larry S. … To my Daddy Larry - Thanks for doing all the things you do for me that mom physically just can't do - even when you hurt so much and it is hard to breathe. You never forget that without you my needs would be unfulfilled. Love Spanks Da Man
- - - - - - -
For Dan C. … for all those times you took a foster to the vet during the day for me because you work nights, and for always being willing to share your home with yet another lost soul. Love Chris
- - - - - - -
For Mike O. … Father’s Day at CRAP is a perfect day for him. Our dogs are our kids and he loves them as much as I do. He is sometimes the first to say “let’s take in another foster”. Love Karin
- - - - - - -
For Dennis T. … for building the boys and me the perfect castle so we can foster more kids. We love you. Love Nicole, Toby and Brice
- - - - - - -
For Steve J. … our Uncle Steve is giving up his special day to bring us and our moms to the Cairn party. We thank you very much Uncle Steve. Love Rocket Man Mahar, Gilly and Chloe Ahern
- - - - - - -
For Mike R. … In appreciation for all your help with transporting, puppy tube feeding, puppy toe nail trimming, puppy exercise, double pooper scooper duty, helping the mill moms realize men are good, and just being a great Daddy to all the fur kids. Love and hugs Lori 1
- - - - - - -
For Dan B. … You are the most caring, kind and considerate person I have ever met. You couldn’t ask for a better husband or fur kid Dad. Knowing you’re there for our three Cairns is such a comfort. Your lap is always a Cairn resting place. You've made me so very happy, showing me what real love is. Thank you for 18 great years! Love Nancy
- - - - - - -
For Kenneth B. … Dear foster dad, your deep calm voice quiets the fear in these little lost souls, your arms hold us close and teach us kindness; your gentleness reaches our hearts and lets us know love. Thank you. Love ALL your foster kids
- - - - - - -
For Alan B. … The best fosser papa in the world. Cuddles those scared kids as if they were precious jewels. Love Bonnie
- - - - - - -
For Jim S. … The guy who swore he would never let a dog live in the house ... now can't imagine life without his three fur kids in the house! Love Deb
- - - - - - -
For Barney H.… For 36 years you have been the love of my life. Yours is a heart full of giving and caring, and you are truly my hero in all that you do and support me in doing. On this Father's Day weekend, thank you for being a wonderful father to not only our human children and now grandfather to our new granddaughter, but to our fur kids and fosters as well. Love Kathy
- - - - - - -

A father is so much more than daddy, dad or pops,
The daddy-men here today have earned the rank of "tops"!
For every time you pick me up, scratch my ears or wrestle,
You say you love my little self, for that I have to nestle.

It takes a special kind of man to be a Cairn Dad,
Sometimes we are feisty and can make a human mad,
Like when we eat your glasses, medicine, remote or shoes.
But you always end up loving us, and sharing our ARROOOOS!

Thanks for always walking me and filling up my bowl.
Thanks for taking extra naps and sharing bites of roll.
Thanks for always picking up my poo, and cleaning out my ears.
Thanks for sharing everyday and belaying all my fears.

It is for you dad that this day was made,
For you that today we will celebrate.
For ME that I have to give a cheer,
Without you DAD, I wouldn’t be here!

All the little Cairns that have known a Dad’s love through CP
By Marla and Amy
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

SO, that having been said, in honor of all you Dads, Fathers and Pops here today; and all the Dads, Fathers and Pops that support our efforts, Col. Potter is dedicating a name to the “Name a Mill Dog Program” in your honor.

One of the next mill dog daddies that come into CP will be named “PAPPY”.

And when Pappy comes in, he will be yours – each and every one of you.

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