Tuesday, August 24, 2010

CP Volunteers bring a cairn ambassador to their booth at the Pawsitively Yours Event in Southeast Michigan in July.

Contributed by a CP Volunteer

Chica , the cairn ambassador

What a day to be a Col. Potter volunteer! Sunny skies, a green pasture full of animal lovers and dogs!!! The Pawsitively Yours event was a first time rescue event for dog, cat and horse rescues. The Belleville Pet Resort and Loving Arm Rescue Ranch were the sponsors.

Since it was the first year and way out in the boonies it didn’t have as much traffic as one would hope. However, there were many vendors and other rescues in attendance so it was a fantastic opportunity to get the word out to them. It’s always good to have eyes in the shelters and referral sources. If someone is looking to adopt a cairn they won’t likely forget the Michigan CP crew.

The Col. Potter booth location was perfect and seemed to attract more serious inquires about fostering, volunteering and adopting. We had one woman tell us that her friend recently adopted from us. We gave her a little postcard (a Toto postcard with my Abby’s face on it), thanking her for adopting and to stay in touch. Hopefully, she will become a happy member of our volunteer force.

The event was set up beautifully and organized in a large area that was normally used as a dog park. It was a gorgeous sunny day in southeast Michigan with no harsh weather except some wind that picked up later in the day.

Our booth was hosted by Toby D, Susan D, myself and the oh-so-charming darling girl Chicago aka Chica. Chica is a real sweetheart of a little girl. She is 8 going on 2 with so much joy and curiosity. Susan has done so well with this sweet survivor. There was not a dog or person that Chica didn’t like.

The biggest downside was the fact that there were train tracks directly behind us. Chica wasn’t too terrified of loud noises, she just snuggled her Fosser Mama. Chica was a fantastic cairn ambassador!

All in all, it was a worthwhile day. I spoke to Toby afterward and we both felt that we made at least 2-3 solid volunteer contacts and/or potential adopters. The day of the event we took in $40, with donations from the public, a few bucks from the CP volunteers and 20% of my measly Avon earnings . The Monday following the event, Toby’s intern threw in another $20 to round us up to a respectable $60.

A special thanks to Susan D. for driving all the way down to this event. It took 2 hours with the construction along the route. Without a cairn in attendance, we wouldn’t have had as many people stop! Thanks to all who helped us make this happen.

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