Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Enjoy Pictures and Video from the Annual Cairn Pool Party in Walnut Creek, CA

Contributed by CP Volunteers


James, Scout and Reesa


Well, a good time was had by all! We had perfect weather-about 80-82 degrees, but shaded by mulberry trees. We had about 18 Cairns, 2 Schipperkes, a Westie, a Norwich, and a little terrier (I think) mix. The only one who made any trouble was my Willie.

There were Col. Potter people, friends from my dog training and parade classes, former Cairn club members, and a couple friends of people in the group, who have become part of the pool party family. My former foster Franz/Scout was there, with his mom and dad, and a couple people I've gotten to know from doing home safety visits. Boise and Tampa (fosters) were here with their foster mom.

CP's new Tippy, picked up at the shelter a week ago by Denise, and flying tomorrow to her foster home in FL, went from lap to lap--she's a little doll, and won't last long! Denise and I tried very hard to get a couple who were there, to apply to foster her, and hijack her (The wife fell in love with her!), but no luck.

No one got in the wading pool, and only Toddy got in the pool--she did her "flop in the water on a step" trick.

We had chips, dips, olives, grapes, and munchies, followed by hamburgers and hot dogs, salads, and desserts.

The hot dog eating contest was fun as usual, with 3 winners, and a bunch of dogs who are going to practice for next year. The winners were Monkey, Toddy and Tacy (one of the Schipperkes). The oldest was Scout/Franz' sister Annie, who's 17, and Rascal, who is 2.

Two friends spent several hours here on Friday, setting up the backyard, and 5-6 stayed after yesterday, and put everything away. As usual, it was a successful event. I think I sold 5-6 blankies.
A wonderful time was had by all, that would be dogs & humans! Carol is a great hostess! The weather was perfect! What a great group of warm hearted people. Gracie & I were so glad we went & the 3 hr drive actually went by fast (it helps when you get behind people going 80 mph!)

It was a great day with an excellent mix of Cairns, Cairn folk and good food. The weather was perfect. It didn't seem like it had been a year since the last one. That year sure went by quick.

Thanks to Carol for hostessing the event and to her helper elves who assisted with organizing the party and providing great treats to eat.

We hope you enjoy this video of the partygoers, people and cairns!

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Jenni said...

Wow, props to whoever took that picture of Toddy. It's really pretty!