Thursday, August 5, 2010

Rescue angel guides Matty to CP

Written by a CP Intakes volunteer

The heat and humidity this summer has been tough for all of us. Luckily we can escape to air conditioning, shade, cool places and the comfort of our homes. A refreshing drink of water can quench our thirst and parched throats.

Can you imagine being a young cairn out in the middle of nowhere enduring near 100 degree heat? On top of that, you are running down the road to the point of exhaustion looking for something or someone.

Matty was found in this situation. A woman driving down a country road, no houses for miles, saw this little guy running down the road. She stopped, gathered up Matty and he collapsed in her car from exhaustion. It was a very lucky day for Matty. His rescuer just happened to be a person who regularly works with shelters and rescues to save furkids of all kinds. She gave him food, water,shelter and TLC. Matty suffered fur loss from a flea allergy and his rescuer helped ease his discomfort. Matty had no microchip or identification of any kind. She contacted Col. Potter after no one came looking for him.

Matty is a delightful young cairn, possibly around 3. He's housebroken, neutered, gets along with dogs of all sizes and cats. He's playful, curious, charming and loves lap time. He also enjoys air conditioning.

Thanks to all of you who support Col. Potter and the rescue of cairns. Without your support it wouldn't be possible to rescue sweet cairns who are in emergency situations like Matty. Just look in his eyes and know that if it hadn't been for his rescue angel, he wouldn't be here today. She was very thankful that Col. Potter was able to help with the next step in Matty's journey.

Col. Potter is very lucky to have our newest little guy, Matty!

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