Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Video of Foster Gloria Playing with Zeus-Warning- May spin up your furkids

Contributed by Gloria's foster mom

Gloria aka Ginger was rescued back in May by Col. Potter. You may remember she had been sent a kill shelter on her 4th birthday with a horrible skin condition. Gloria had been an "only child" and she is learning to live with other dogs. She has an "empress" complex also. Chloe, Zeus and I are working with her manners.

The link below is Gloria's photo album. The first item is the video of her trying to engage Zeus in play. Gloria is a tad bit too excited and Zeus won't play with her when she is "spun tight". He's a smart boy.

Gloria tends to spin up a lot and she is vocal. She is always loud and bossy. Note: The blue collar around her neck is a calming collar. I think I need switch brands. Her antics and vocals are worth the watch. As a frame of reference go to the last photo in the album which is her intake photo. She's come along way since May.

Gloria is being fostered in Virginia. Please go to our website to check her out and all of the cairns available for adoption.


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