Friday, September 17, 2010


Written by CP's VP of Intakes

From the 9/11 Memorial Website:

We shall never forget
We shall keep this day,
We shall keep the events and the tears
In our minds, our memory and our hearts
and take them with us as we carry on.

On the anniversary of one of the darkest days in America's history, Col. Potter celebrated the freedom of 11 little Cairns. Just the very number of Cairns reaching the loving arms of Col. Potter on this most somber of dates is symbolic of America's never ending spirit, determination and devotion to freedom. These little Cairns personify those qualities to survive their past and will now know sweet freedom.

But, as we all know freedom doesn't come without a price. Nine years ago, more than 2000 people paid the ultimate price for our freedom -- their lives. Luckily for these little Cairns, they didn't have to pay for freedom with their lives, but it will take cold, hard cash and quite a bit of it to pay for their vetting and transport costs.

I don't think there is any one among us that wasn't touched in some way by the events of 9/11 and if you're like me, mostly felt helpless at the time to do anything to help. In memory of all that gave their lives, in defiance of the terrorists who thought they could bring America to our knees and for the love of these wonderful little furkids, please consider helping Col. Potter with a financial donation. Just giving up that morning coffee from the expensive franchise and getting it from a lower cost place for a week and donating the difference, or taking a brown bag lunch for a week and donating the savings to Col. Potter will help pay the expenses for these furkids.

Instead of going out for dinner next Saturday, why not have a nice, relaxing dinner at home, and donate the difference? There are a hundred different ways to cut your everyday expenses, give the difference to Col. Potter for the furkids and not cost you one additional penny in your budget. Put a jar on your desk at work, or the breakroom table with the story of these furkids. Share it with your friends, family, neighbors, business associates. If we all pitch in with just a couple of dollars each, we can cover the cost of getting these Cairns to freedom.

The 911 Remembered are named so we shall never forget ...

Memorial: F, wheaten, born 10/26/07 - Memorials to honor and remember those that gave their lives have been built at Ground Zero, the Pentagon and Shanksville, PA.

Pentagon: F, wheaten, born 5/10/05 - 125 people lost their lives in the attack on the Pentagon

Tribute: F, wheaten, born 2/24/05 - The Tribute in Light consisted of 88 searchlights at the footprints of the World Trade Center and projected 2 vertical columns of light into the sky.

United: F, wheaten, born 8/31/09 - United Airlines flight 175 hit World Trade Center South Tower at 9:03 AM ET while UA 92 crashed in Shanksville, PA at 10:03 AM.

Marsh: M, wheaten, born 5/7/10 - Marsh, Inc. lost 355 employees. They were located on floors 93-101 on the World Trade Center North Tower and were the impact point for AA 11.

American: F, black brindle, born 5/7/10 - American Airlines 11 struck World Trade Center North Tower at 8:46 AM, AA 77 struck the Pentagon at 9:37 AM.

Aon: M, wheaten, born 12/07/04 - Aon Corp. lost 175 employees.

Cantor: M, red wheaten, born 2/20/05 - Cantor Fitzgerald, an investment bank,suffered the highest number of casualties - 658 employees killed.

Destiny: F, gray brindle, born 12/18/03 - The American people shall never forget, freedom is our destiny.

Remember: F, wheaten, born 10/12/05 - Americans weren't the only ones to be effected by the events of 9/11 -- citizens of 77 different countries died as a result of the events of that day.

Towers: M, black brindle, born 12/27/05 - Twin Towers of World Trade Center - forever a symbol of freedom

We, as a nation, have grown stronger and more vigilant to the threats of terrorists, always on alert and ready to react to protect our freedom. There are always more Cairns waiting at the Col. Potter gate, hoping for a chance to be protected by the loving arms of Col. Potter and find freedom. Will you help them???

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