Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Foster Rosso (Rusty) and his latest antics

Contributed by Rusty's foster Mom

Yesterday morning I took my foster Russo (Rusty) for his first daily walk before I leave for work and as he passed a tree (that last week had some sort of critter close to it so now he and Lexi always slow down by this tree) he grabbed something from the ground which starting squealing. I thought it might be a bird (which he chases out of the back yard) - but no it is a SQUIRREL!! I tried to get him to drop it which he finally does - and as it goes flying in one direction his harness slips off!!! EEEK - the squirrel is twitching (bad sign) and thankfully Rusty (now known in our house as Trusty-Rusty..... NOT) sits there quietly (for him) watching the squirrel die trying to figure out how to get back over there. I grab his collar (thanks goodness these kids come with both) and hold on to him managing to get the harness back on him. But he is good, I get the harness back on, we leave the now dead squirrel and continue on our way so he can do his job!!

He also managed to get into my daughter's back pack and chew on her retainer so I'll be replacing that. But so far he hasn't eaten any shoes or socks though he does love to steal them and play chase - everyone has been warned not to leave shoes on the floor.

So today's project is adjusting this harness again to make it more snug on this big boy. I included a picture of him celebrating after a recent stuffie kill in the back yard!!

Rosso is being fostered in Michigan and you can learn more about him and his adventures at our website.

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