Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Video - Demonstration of Tellington TTouch from 1st Annual Vancouver Island and Sunshine Coast Fun Day.

Written by a CP Media Volunteer

There was a demonstration of the Tellington Ttouch technique at the the 1st Vancouver Island and Sunshine Coast Fun Day. We appreciate our volunteer who filmed and provided this for us to share.

We hope you enjoy this video which demonstrates the Tellington Ttouch. Linda Tellington-JonesTTouch created this method where circular movements of the fingers and hands are used to create a sense of calm allowing the dog to be touched without feeling stressed. This can be very helpful for shy former breeding facility dogs.

According to the TTouch website: “this method based on cooperation and respect offers a positive approach to training, can improve performance and health and presents solutions to common behavioral and physical problems.”

This technique can be very helpful to alleviate stress in your dogs.

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