Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Circle and Cube at Play - What a difference 2 weeks makes!

Contributed by Circle, Cube and Crescent's foster mom

Here's a video of the girls playing before time for bed last night. Sebastian and Oliver ( my 6 month old Norwich puppies) were the main dogs in the background protesting at us playing in the kitchen after their bedtime.

These two have really changed. Cube's side has healed up nicely - she's got a bit of a cow-lick look to the hair growing in around her sore, but I'm sure once she's grown a little more, you'll never know it was there. In the last few days, they've really become "frisky" - they are even dragging their bed all around the ex pen. Tonight Cube weighed in at THREE pounds, and Circle is slightly over FOUR!

They've got fat bellies, and at the vet's on Monday for their first shots, the vet commented on their bellies, thinking I might need to worm them (I thanked him for his "complement", told him about what sad shape they were in when they came, and also told him I'd wormed them just 4 days before & would be sure to do it again in two weeks and then thanked him for his concern {he laughed and said he should have known not to have worried).

The girls love to be taken out of their big ex pen and brought into the kitchen to zoom around, and they sound like a swarm of bees, even though there's only two of them. The adult dogs here are not impressed with the little ankle biters and all run to higher ground. Crescent has made it clear she's done raising them and only occasionally when she hears them whine wants to check on them. After a quick glance, she's off to her own new experiences - she really wants to be a Cairn Princess, reclining in a lap of one of her servants. She's great with the other adults here - not a negative word with any of them and my two 6 month old Norwich boys were quite befuddled at what to think the baby girls were at their first meeting and WERE NOT thrilled with their sharp teeth. Sebastian and Oliver kept running to us, huddling in between our feet for protection from them! I'm sure in a few more days when the newness wears off, they'll love chasing each other around.

Circle and Cube are being fostered in Missouri along with their mom, Crescent.They are not yet available for adoption.

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