Thursday, October 21, 2010

CP Foster Hazel - 1 ; Chipmunks - 0

Written by Hazel's foster Mom

Yup she hasn't even been here 2 weeks (tomorrow will be) and already one chipmunk bit the dust. Since her first day here, she has scouted out all the hiding places and put the chipmunk(s) on full alert. They had gotten lazy since Myra passed in early March. Darn!! I know she can't help it but chipmunks are so CUTE it always kills me...

This girl has probably theone of the most intense prey drives I have ever seen. Maybe even more than Myra which is really saying something. You don't want to be in her vicinity unless you have ear plugs when she spies a squirrel or cat in the yard either. She's already missed her supper twice this week because she wouldn't leave her hunting post in the backyard.

Cairns, got to love 'em (I think)

So, if you have a yard that needs the critters kept at bay, consider Hazel who is being fostered in Vermont. You can check on her and the other cairns that Col. Potter has available for adption by clicking here.

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