Thursday, October 21, 2010

CP Foster Smyrna - Good Girl!! Fetch

Written by Smyrna and Hazel's foster mom

Hazel and Smyrna


o.k. I still haven't sent an introduction on these two girls yet but I had to share a funny store. Smyrna is the "Mom" to Hazel, The Chipmunk Killer. Smyrna is 11+ and VERY overweight. However that doesn't stop her from being a Ball Fiend and great Fetcher.

So last night after supper (Editorial question here - do ALL dogs like to play after supper? It was always Myra's favorite time - used to drive my Mom crazy with her growling all through the 6:00 news, LOL) and Smyrna had a cuz that had it's feet chewed off (thanks to Hazel of course) which she was chasing.

So I toss it again and it takes her a few minutes and back she comes with MY SLIPPER? o.k. now that's very cute - Austin fetched my slipper the other day and then peed on it (Gotta love The Pee Man) so I didn't think anything about it but OF COURSE (punch line and you saw it coming right?), her cuz was IN MY SLIPPER. Smart Girl! Can't get the ball out so you bring the whole thing. Of course it blew my idea that she would fetch my slippers for me all the time. Oh well..........

Smyrna and Hazel are being fostered in Vermont. If you would like to know more about them or the other available cairns that Col. Potter has for adoption, please click here.

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