Monday, November 1, 2010

Hector joins Col. Potter!

Written by a CP Intakes volunteer

Hector found himself homeless and wandering the streets. A good Samaritan saw him and took him in to keep him safe while they searched for the owner. No owners were found and the good Samaritan contacted a local rescue for help. The rescue was for another breed, but they took Hector in, knowing of Col. Potter. They contacted a local CP volunteer, who then contacted Intakes and the wheels were set in motion to make Hector a CP boy.

At that point Hector already had three new friends that took a little time out of their busy schedule to help him. His new friends didn't end there. There was also the CP volunteer who said "yes" to housing him for a short time and then helped to transport Hector to his new foster home. Finally, he found a friend in the foster home who said yes to fostering him.

Each new friend was important in Hector finding his way to safety and Col. Potter. Five people made a difference, each taking a small amount of time to help. No matter what the task or how little time you can does make a difference in the chain of events to helping a cairn in need.

Hector was poor and homeless and now is rich with many friends!

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