Saturday, November 27, 2010

Please welcome Wahoo and McKenna!!

Written by a CP Intakes Coordinator



Wahoo and McKenna lived their lives with a loving woman who catered to their every need. These two girls were not little mates, but sisters just the same. After several happy years, their Owner became ill, and was no longer physically or financially able to care for her little Cairns. Finally, the heart wrenching decision was made, she loved her girls, and wanted to see them go to loving homes. She contacted CP, and we agreed to take them in.

Our first little girl is Wahoo, 5 years old and weighs 18lbs. She's good with children, other dogs, chases cats and is housebroken. Wahoo is a sweet girl who likes to be loved and petted. She is easy to bathe and groom, and likes to bark at other dogs and cats. It has been determined Wahoo is Heartworm positive, and will need extensive foster care. She will be in our guardian angel program, anything we can do to help with her mounting vet bills will help us continue to take cairns in need.

Our second little girl is McKenna, who also 5 years old and weighs 19lbs. She is also good with children, other dogs, chases cats, is housebroken, good riding in vehicles, and had no basic obedience training. McKenna likes to hunt, and will keep your yard free of "critters". Thankfully, McKenna’s heartworm test came back negative, but this will be doubled checked at her foster home, just to make sure she is free of those nasty worms.

I’d like everyone to give these two girls our warmest welcome.

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