Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Written by CP's VP of Intakes

For many of our CP kids, life has been one battle after another just to survive. Imagine having no control over your own life, or destiny. That's exactly the situation this boy found himself in. Picked up as a stray with no identification, no microchip and no one coming to look for him, his time had run out at the shelter and it looked like not only had he lost his final battle to find a home, but he had lost the war and was sentenced to death for the crime of being unwanted. Scheduled to be PTS as of 5:00 PM Friday, we scrambled to find a volunteer to do an in-person ID and negotiate with the shelter for a stay of execution for this boy until we could get there. FINALLY, he had won a battle ... he got a reprieve and was granted a little additional time.

Yesterday, this boy not only won the battle but the war when he became a member of the CP family! General Sherman was sprung from the brig thanks to Kim and Donald and now has a chance to take command of his life and look towards a happily ever after.

We don't know much about General Sherman, only what Kim has been able to observe. We're guessing him between 2-4 years old, and seems to have had a hard life, but that's all changed now!

Please help me welcome General Sherman to the CP family!

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