Saturday, December 18, 2010

CP foster Missy Tinker could use some good thoughts!

Contributed by Tinker's foster Mom

Tinker smiles and poses

Tinker peed and wants a treat!

Tinker thinks Gilly is handsome!

Poor Missy just can't catch a break! Yesterday I found that she has CaOx crystals in her urine so she'll likely have to go on a special diet for her entire life. It's not a really restrictive diet but it will make it harder for her to find a forever home.

Then she woke Alan up at 6 am wanting to go potty. He took her out and she peed and then her pooh was soup. At 8 am she threw up in her crate. The only thing I can think of is that Iopened a new can of 95% beef dog food. I hope she's allergic to beef as that would be fairly easy. I'm cooking 3 lbs. of chicken legs in the crockpot to make her some sodium free broth as sodium is totally off the chart for dogs with CaOx.

Missy has gone through so much and she is just the brightest little kidlet. She is much braver these days although if Janna barks she retreats to her bed (okay, make that Gilly's bed ).
If we're outside with her and Janna barks she cowers behind which ever adult is out there with her. She was quite fearful of Alan at first but is getting over that. I'm able to teach her tricks that no one else has ever learned so quickly here ,other than Elf and Benji who are at the Bridge and my Gilly who went to an obedience class. Gilly is enjoying showing her tricks and behaviors...and garnering the treats that come along with training.

I've attached some photos. The first one is of her stretched up against my leg to inveigle me to hand over her goodie for pottying. She is usually very good about doing a sit for her goodies....but she was a tad eager. After a few shots of Missy I put the Christmas jingle bell scrunchie on Gilly.
Missy (Tinker) is being fostered in Ohio. Please click here to learn more about her.

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