Thursday, December 9, 2010

Sullivan and Edy, Another Happy Ending!

Written by Sully and Edy's forever Mom

Sullivan and Edy - waiting for food!

Sully loves his toy!

looking good!

want to play?

We adopted our Sullivan (Sully) 8 years ago on our 45th wedding anniversary. We saw his picture on the website and fell in love with him. He was 8 months old and soooo cute! When we first brought him home, he thought everyone was his owner, as he was very friendly to everyone. Now he knows he belongs to us, and is more reserved to strangers. We had some scary moments with him that first year, as he got away from us several times. We always took him out on a leash, but once or twice it slipped out of my husband's hand and off he went. But Providence was on our side, and he is still with us.

He makes us laugh when he plays with his food dish, throwing it up in the air, - now when he is fed, he runs all over the house with a stuffed toy in his mouth, making little cooing sounds of contentment. His favorite thing is playing with an empty plastic juice bottle, chasing it all around. His favorite person is my husband, as he sits on his lap whenever he reads the newspaper. Sometimes he is there over an hour sleeping. His foster mother, Mo said he is a lap dog. He loves him (my husband) and vice versa.

At night Sully waits until all the lights are out and after I turn off the TV - he goes down the hall to our bedroom and sleeps on the floor on his blanket. Come daylight, he jumps up on the bed and snoozes until my husband gets up to take him out.

He is the funniest, wackiest cairn (our 5th one) we have ever had. He has brought us a lot of laughs in spite of him eating 3 hearing aids, (yes 3, and they are not cheap) destroying several pens and the wild chases he put us through. He is our baby along with our female Edy who is 11. The two of them are like black and white, girl and boy, good and bad, dignified and wacky, lady and the tramp - well you get the idea.

Note from Blogger: We just LOVE CP forever family happy endings!

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