Saturday, January 1, 2011

Suudella and Fili on their blankets -Update and Video!

Written by Suudella and Fili's foster mom



Suudella and her son Fili received a package for Christmas - their own soft blankets from their blanket auntie! Thank you Nan T in MN. Sorry these pictures weren't the normal posed ones I do, but they had to be taken in their quarantine area.

Both are doing well now that they've been on meds to treat their ailments. Suudella had a nasty case of seborrhea, along with infected ears and eyes. The vet also said she'd had an untreated ulcerated cornea and has the eyes of a much older dog than 6.5 from the poor conditions she's endured. Poor little Fili looks like he's got a bad case of "cradle cap", which is actually from sarcoptic mange. So they're both being treated for that as well. We've found it interesting (and sad) that his eartips are now standing upright instead of being curled back - I'm guessing they curled because of the mites chewing on them as the vet said they go for the extremity areas first.

I'm glad you can't tell how thin his hair really is in his pics, as that's really sad to see, too, knowing he must have been just miserable from those bugs chewing on him and him just a baby. But they're both almost "itch-free" and feeling much better. Fili's got teeth popping in right and left now, and he's actually now feeling like playing. He's also hit TWO POUNDS on the scale! That's still about 1/2 of what he should weigh at six weeks old. It's sad that he doesn't have siblings to play with, so we have to make sure we wrestle with him and get him to play with some toys. We haven't seen Suudella play with him - when she hears us coming, she hops out of the box and wants our attention. Fili actually BARKED at us yesterday when we entered the room they're in, wanting us to play with him.

I'd say in another week I'll have to take out the whelping box and let him run the ex pen as he'll be able to jump and hook his feet on the top of the whelping box. He's just so small I've felt it better to keep him safely contained where he could also stay warm and cozy - he had a bit of the sniffles after he arrived, but the vet didn't seem concerned about them. Della is still letting him nurse, but she's spending more time out of the box now that he's active and getting older. He's doing great with puppy gruel and will let you know if you're not fast enough at getting it to him while his mom is outside to potty! Della slaps the floor with her feet when she gets excited, and this morning while out to potty, she BARKED for the first time. We hadn't heard more than a happy groan or a small start of a yodel so far, so they're both showing signs of feeling much better.

Here's a link to some video I took last night of Fili on his blanket. As you can see, he really wanted to be picked up and cuddled! He loves getting attention.

These two are being fostered in Missouri and you can learn more about them and the other cairns up for adoption by clicking here.

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