Wednesday, January 5, 2011


They say good things come to those that wait. I certainly consider CP a good thing ... and this boy has had a long wait!

Intakes first became aware of him six months ago and tried to get him to safety, but couldn't make it happen. We continued to monitor him over the months and just a couple of weeks ago, another opportunity presented itself. Well, this time, his long wait was over. Yesterday Kathy and Barney made the trip to pick-up this boy, our first new CP Family member of 2011!

Please help me welcome Ticonderoga. He's 2 years old, definitely needs to lose a few pounds before enjoying next summer's activities, but a sweet, friendly boy who learned how to escape an expen at the tender age of 16 weeks and was banished to a kennel as a result. Ticonderoga is a donated name from Susan M as a result of her attendance at the 2010 Shelburne Museum Goes to the Dogs event. She had a donation jar out and asked donors to vote for their favorite name. Ticonderoga it was. To read more about the SS Ticonderoga, now located at the Shelburne Museum, please follow this link.

Happy New Year Ticonderoga!

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