Friday, February 25, 2011

Foster in the Spotlight - Paladin

Contributed by Paladin's foster mom

Paladin was an owner surrender due to hardship and was terrified at the shelter. He has obviously been a very loved dog. He is about 10 years old and a bit larger cairn at about 19.5 lbs. He has already lost over 2 lbs since joining the CP family. Unfortunately, he was shaved when pulled so his coat is slowly growing out. He is fully housebroken and will go to the door or sit at your feet and look at you if he needs to go out. Paladin got along wonderfully with the two resident Cairns almost immediately and followed their lead. Paladin joins the resident Cairns in greeting family and visitors. Paladin hasn't met a dog or person that he didn't like immediately. Oops, he barks at the mail carrier and his truck, but happily takes treats from them. Paladin also barks when he is excited. He used to bark while I made dinner, but quiets when I say no--he spins in circles with anticipation when he sees me with his dinner bowl. Mike gives the dogs a small treat at 7pm nightly. Paladin and friends come running when they hear the crinkle of the treat bag. The three sit nicely and wait their turn and take their treats gently.

He loves long walks and playing tug of war or fetch. He has more energy than my Cairns. Paladin is so excited to walk that he does pull on lead at the beginning of the walk, but he is getting better. The first time I took him to be weighed--at the PetSmart vet's scale--I bought him a little rubber football. He carried it everywhere, even on mile-long walks, and he slept with it for weeks. I wondered if he felt he had lost everything and that the ball was the only thing that was his. Recently, he has started joining us on the sofa to watch tv and is seeking ear and belly skritches. He makes the funniest noises when you scratch his ears. I tried to video it but I'm either too slow to get the camera or he stops when he sees it. I will keep trying.

Please don't let Paladin's age keep you from considering him. He still has a lot of energy and lots of love to offer you. Please keep your heart open to an older guy who would love to spend his forever at your home!

Paladin is being fostered in Illinois and you can learn more about him by clicking here.

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