Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Introducing a MASH Unit - Roxanne and her puppies -Picture!

Contributed by Roxanne and her puppies' foster mom

Puppy #1 is McIntyre, a brindle boy with lots of striping and a white star on his chest. born at 9.5 oz, now 10 oz
Puppy #2 is O'Reilly, a little darker brindle boy with no white, born at 8 oz & still 8 oz
Puppy #4 is Houlihan, a very dark brindle boy with a white star in his chest, born at 8oz, now 8 oz. He is the complainer of the bunch

Puppy #3 is Mulcahy. He has been interred at the edge of a large lilac bush where he joins our lab Benjamin, CP foster Bailey (2002) & baby Michael (2003), our cairn mix Mitzy (2004), and our CP Foster Flunks Tuff & Delaware

The attached photo shows the boys in birth order from L to R, and was there some mention of nipples?

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