Monday, April 4, 2011

A Very Good Reason to Crate or Seatbelt the Furkids!!

Contributed by a CP Volunteer

Broken Window

Size of Boulder

Lucky Dog!

I was at my parents' house up in Northern AZ for the week and was heading back to Yuma this morning when a one of those rock-carrying semis raced by me on the freeway and dislodged boulders from his cargo, as he sped by me. As you can see from the pictures, my fur babies and I were extremely lucky! I seatbelt McDuffy and Holly in the back seat and Bree is crated. Thank God , McDuffy wasn't injured, as you can see where the boulder landed on the seat, as it crashed through my window. It weighed about 10 lbs. and I took the picture next to the water bowl for a size reference. To say I was shook-up, would be an understatement. The sad part is that I finally 'caved' after owning my Expedition for 11 years and Tony bought me this truck last Friday!

I happened to be following my parents down to Phoenix, because my father had an appointment to have a melanoma removed. They were about a quarter of a mile ahead of me and I called them on my Sync blue tooth, right after it happened and I safely pulled over. The semi had sped by them and was weaving in and out of traffic, so they sped ahead to catch up to get plate numbers, company name, and ADOT number. I called DPS and they dispatched an officer. He was so nice to me and helped to calm me down, as I was shaking so badly and kept telling him that one of my fur babies could have been killed.

He told me that it was fortunate that I seatbelt and crate my dogs, as he said that they could have panicked and jumped out of the window. Obviously, he had seen this happen in the past. He also reminded me that I was very lucky it didn't come through the windshield. After he wrote everything up, he took the boulder and was going to pursue this guy. He called me twice, but the second time, he told me he had tracked down the plates to one of those rent a post office box places and went over there to get the phone numbers. All of the phone numbers have been disconnected. He spent more than 2 hours on this, for which I was extremely grateful. Fortunately, we have glass coverage, so Tony took it in, after I got home this afternoon, and I already have a new window. I have one little dent on the black part, which will be easy to fix. I can't believe I got away with so little damage, as it looked like a rock slide falling out of his truck!

My parents met me at Home Depot, after his cancer removal and he made a cardboard window for me for the rest of the drive back to Yuma. It was 102 driving across the desert and I was worried about the dogs. They had to ride up front, because there was glass everywhere, even in their fur.

So, please keep your fur kids safe and buckle them in or crate them!!!

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