Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Horrible Accident Causes Death to a Cairn

Contributed by a CP Volunteer

Nine years ago Col. Potter heard about a female Cairn that had
been taken to a shelter. Almost immediately she gave birth to
four puppies. This is the story of one of those puppies. The
mom and pups were transported to Karen P. in Biloxi, MS for
fostering. The mom was sweet and the pups adorable although
possibly not 100% Cairn.

One male pup was called Dugan and he was chosen by folks living
in New Hampshire. In some strange fashion a doctor working with
Karen was flying north and transported Dugan to his new parents.
Dugan was renamed Duke and that puppy was very loved. He had
a wonderful life for 9 years. Then his parents went on vacation
and left him with their parents as had probably been done many
times previously. While the folks were at work Duke somehow
found some kind of lunch bag and stuck his adorable head inside
to see if he could find any crumbs. Unfortunately and
horrifically he never got his head out of the bag and he
suffocated. His parents and their parents are all devastated.
Karen is devastated and many of us in CP are crying for Duke and
his family. I'm crying because Duke looked like one of my past
dogs. There's no other word to use but devastated. Such a
horrible tragic accident to happen to a beloved pup who might
have lived another 9 years.

Please, in Duke's name go and check and see if there's anything
in your house or yard that could cause your furbabies to be in
danger of a similar accident. Try crawling around and looking
at your house from a dog's eye view. Make sure you don't keep
dangerous bags where your pups could get to them. Be vigilant
for those blown into your yard by the wind.

Another possible danger in yards is those 5 gallon buckets.
Last year a darling scottie decided there must be something in
one left in her yard. Some how she leaped in and the bucket
never fell over and she drowned in a few inches of water. Try
to remember not to leave those upright in the yard.

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