Wednesday, May 18, 2011

My cairns aren't so good

Contributed by a CP Volunteer

You all talk about how smart your furkids are. They can open toys, climb tall columns of stuff, know who is at the door and act accordingly, whatever.

Let me tell you about how the other half lives!

Coconut: dump truck is out front emptying loud cans, Coco is at the back of the house barking her head off.

Time to go to bed? Coco runs right for the couch, waits until I am comfortable situated in bed, then whines and jumps against bed until I am up again.

House cleaning means Coconut tips over the Lily water bowl on stand AFTER the kitchen floor is clean, walks in it and leaves a dogdesign pawprint picture on the living room floor.

Felicity: I come home fron errands, through the garage at the side of the house, she is in the guest room on the other side barking and whining for attention.

Time to go to bed? Felicity strolls into her crate and lies down, waits for me to get comfy after lifting Coco up on the bed, then has a tearing fest with whatever toy/blanket or piece of noisy plastic she can find.

House cleaning means waiting until after the vacuum is run, then destuffing something. Toys are ignored at every other moment but this.

I could go on, but it is just too distressing.

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