Sunday, June 19, 2011


Written by CP's VP of Intakes

at the shelter

Any of you that suffer from allergies, seborrhea, or any type of skin allergy or condition know exactly how itchy, sore, uncomfortable and miserable this can be. Now imagine having no medical attention, nothing to help you, itching so bad that you literally scratch yourself bloody and your skin turns black and hard. Personally, I can't even image what it must be like to endure this kind of pain and suffering.

Col. Potter received a plea from a shelter that had picked up a young female Cairn, or at least what they thought was a Cairn as a stray. Her skin condition was so bad she would literally SCREAM when she was touched. The shelter vet immediately started her on three different medications and prescribed every other day medicated baths to help her. While this has brought her some relief, her treatment and recovery will be long. Being a local shelter, they just knew they would not be able to find an adoptive home for her and sought rescue help to save her life.

Please welcome Dulcinea to the Col. Potter Family. She is estimated at 3 years old and despite all her pain and suffering, is a sweet, friendly, little girl weighing in at only 10lbs. Dulcinea was picked up from the shelter on Friday by Kenneth B. and taken to our vet for examination and further treatment until she travels to her foster home next weekend.

Dulcinea will be in our Guardian Angel Program. Her treatment will last months of medications, supplements and medicated baths. When she is finally strong enough and her immune system has been built back up, she will then need to be spayed and have a dental.

We thank the local shelter for not only contacting Col. Potter to help Dulcinea, but for getting her started on treatment and providing her some relief. I would also like to thank Kenneth B. for dropping everything on Friday to make the trip to pick-up Dulcinea.

The photo album shows pictures of Dulcinea when she arrived at the shelter and when she arrived at our vet this past Friday. Please consider helping Dulcinea become the beautiful little Cairn girl we all know is there by supporting her on the Guardian Angel Program.

Dulcinea, welcome to the CP family where we will take care of you with gentle and loving hands ...

at the vet

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