Tuesday, June 14, 2011

CP foster Corky has been chosen!

Contributed by Corky's foster mom

It is with real mixed feelings that I share with all of Corky's loving aunties and uncles that he has been chosen by a family.The family lives in Canada. His Mommy and Daddy like to camp and hike and kayak so Corky will have lots of fun in his new life. Man are we going to miss this little boy!!!!!

They originally said they'd get him at the end of the month because his new daddy recently had some surgery he had to recuperate from. Now they're coming the 20th....ACK! That's not the end of the month. They're getting antsy because Corky is such a great little guy. They've enlarged one of his photos and posted it on their refrigerator and everyone is eager to meet our Corky.

I didn't get any answer when I asked if they have a good digital camera, know how to use it, and know how to send photos in emails. I am going to write again and tell them this is an***absolute*** requirement. If they don't know now they'd better get hopping!!!

We'd all like to see updates on this sweet little guy. Thanks to CP for saving Corky and to his foster mom and dad for helping him with his skin issues. He looks and feels so much better now.

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