Thursday, June 2, 2011

CP foster Corky needs...mudflaps?

Contributed by Corky's foster mom

Corky - splattered!

Corky- cute shirt side view
Corky and Gilly

We've had so darn much rain here that our dog run is a quagmire.
Corky has graduated from wearing jammies to wearing a
t-shirt. He seems to leave his back legs alone. It's his front
legs he will lick occasionally and his right shoulder that he
scratches with his back paw that I want to protect. So, he's
wearing a cute baseball shirt. However, with the mud under the
straw his shirt soon became speckled with mud. Apparently he
needs what the dog in the second photo has....mudflaps. LOL
Alan said he would NOT try to contrive...

The last photo is Corky and Gilly sitting so they can be offered
treats. Such good boys!

Corky is being fostered in Ohio and you can learn more about him by clicking here.

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