Monday, June 27, 2011

Random Acts of Kindness: When her dog slipped away, the UPS man provided safety

June 23, 2011 Pittsburgh Post-Gazette by James Hilston/Post-Gazette

On June 2, after walking my cairn terrier around the block, I attached a 6-foot lead to her harness while I watered my flowers.

I went, with my hose, to the back of my house to water two tomato plants -- a minute job. I could hear her barking, until I didn't ...

I could discern a truck stopping at the front of my house and panic engulfed me. I ran to the front and saw Betsy's harness and lead stretched out on the grass, minus my girl (my life). I saw a truck stopped, with no dog, no barking.

But instead of disaster, I could hear a wonderful UPS driver talking to my dog, keeping her stationary with a kind voice: "Do you want to come in?" I ran around the front of that big beautiful brown truck and saw my Betsy with her two front paws on its first step.

I grabbed her and tried my best to thank the driver. At the same time, all I could picture was what could have happened with a 15-pound dog vs. a UPS truck. This kind driver had blocked other traffic for Betsy's safety by stopping in the middle of the street.

He told me that he thought someone would be looking for this little dog soon. Oh, thank you, kind driver of the big brown truck. You saved my life, as well as Betsy's. What a humanitarian!

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