Thursday, June 16, 2011

Taming Tip from Taming the Wild Side Dog Training

Contributed by Terri Elkins, Owner / Trainer -

Note from from CP Blogger: We would like to thank Terri Elkins for allowing us to post her weekly taming tips on our blog. Her training facility is located in Fort Worth, Texas.

Each week we'll share a Taming Tip for you, your family and friends to do with your dog(s)! These tips will help teach your dog real world manners in a fun way. Leave us a comment and tell us how it went!

Taming Tip #14:

Do your dogs go nuts when someone comes to your door? Practice our Taming Tip and help them have good manners. Have your dog stay near the front door in either a sit or a down position while you slightly open and close the door. (Be careful so that your dog cannot get out.) Practice with your dog in short intervals throughout the day. Make sure you reward your dog for sitting or laying calmly by the door. When your dog is able to stay calmly by the door, start adding in other distractions such as someone knocking, or ringing the doorbell. Take baby steps so that your dog will succeed!!!!!

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