Tuesday, July 5, 2011


Written by CP's VP of Intakes

July 4 -- Independence Day in the United States -- a day to celebrate and cherish our freedom. The endeavours of our founding fathers -- Washington, Hamilton, Jefferson -- to name a few, laid the foundation more than 200 years ago. The fight for freedom continues today. Col. Potter is part of that fight -- we fight for the freedom of those that can't fight or defend themselves -- the furkids.

Celebrations were held across the US this weekend with fireworks displays, singing of patriotic songs and diddies and of course family gatherings at a BBQ. One volunteer took time from her own celebrations to travel to a small town in Indiana Saturday night. While she sat waiting for the rescue angel to arrive, the local town folks noticed her and invited her to join them in watching their fireworks display. She appreciated the offer, but knew there would be enough to celebrate when her precious cargo arrived and found FREEDOM!

With bombs bursting overhead, fireworks lighting up the night sky and a heart filled with joy, Carolynne M. and the newest member of the CP family then made the long trip home -- the very first leg of his journey to freedom and a happily ever after.

With a salute to the red, white and blue, please help me welcome Rudi G. estimated at 5 months old. His name was donated as part of the Name a Cairn program by Trudi M. in memory of Rudi Goode, beloved Cairn son of Juli Goode. I just know that some of those fireworks that welcomed Rudi G. were caused by celebrating from his special Guardian Angel.

Rudi G. has found his way into the Col. Potter family, where we continue the fight with our work to achieve "liberty and justice for all".

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