Friday, August 5, 2011

Chain joins CP!

Written by a CP Intakes volunteer

Some cases Col. Potter's Intake Team tries to bring a cairn but ends up closing without an intake--another rescues stepped up, the owners changed their mind, the shelter adopted out locally, etc. In some cases, we try to work with the owners to help them handle the "cairn spirit". The “easy” cases we deal with come into CP within a week or two. Then there are cases that are a little harder to maneuver, bouncing back and forth between all scenarios. This was one of those cases.

CP was needed, then not, then again we were, and then again we weren’t. Everyone wanted to help, but nothing was working out. For weeks, while everyone was in a scramble, a 1-year-old male cairn was chained, outside, in the South. Some days the temperature got to over 100 degrees! Finally, early this week, CP got the go ahead from his owner to take him in.

Within 2 days, with a little outside help, we were able to get him off of that chain, out of that heat, into an air conditioned home, and 12 hours later, he was at the vet’s office for his week long spa stay.

I’d like everyone to give Chain a big, cool CP welcome. Little guy deserves that, and much more.

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