Saturday, August 20, 2011


Written by CP's VP of Intakes

I often wonder what thoughts go through the minds of these little furkids when--after years in small crates, producing litter after litter of puppies with little care or concern given to them--they reach freedom and for the first time ever enjoy a bath, a clean, soft place to lay, don't have to fight for food or water. These sound like the very basics and the bare minimum might be considered neglect by our own spoiled little snots who are accustomed to so much more!

The words Tranquility and Fascination come to mind as emotions these new found freedom furkids might experience as they learn to adjust to this new wonderful, yet scary and very different world. I would hope a sense of tranquility would envelope them and in time allow them to relax and feel secure. Fascination, even through their fear, would have to get the better of them simply because they are Cairns and it's their nature to be inquisitive and love to explore.

This week, two female Cairns won their freedom and now will hopefully experience the emotions they are named after.

Tranquility - black brindle, 5 years old, very shy and frightened

Fascination - black brindle, 5 years old, shy and frightened with a cute underbite.

In order for Col. Potter to be able to continue to help Cairns like Tranqulity and Fascination, we need the help of all volunteers, but especially need foster homes right now. The very busy season when dogs are released by breeders is just around the corner. In order to be ready to welcome these Cairns to freedom, we need to have the foster homes, ready and waiting to take them in. If you would like to foster for Col. Potter, please fill out our application online and someone will contact you.

Please help me Welcome Tranquility and Fascination -- your journey to a wonderful happily ever after has just begun girls!

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