Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Introducing Kai

Written by a CP Intakes volunteer

Please help welcome Col. Potter's Kai. This seven year old black brindle girl was surrendered to a shelter in March, adopted in April, and returned in early July. She is a typical smart, strong, happy female cairn. Like many of our girls, probably smarter than the people who found her so cute and sweet they adopted her. No homework done, no terrier experience. I can just picture her evaluating the situation, sizing them up, and seeing that clearly that she could run the household! She wasn't the lap dog they envisioned!

Kai spent 6 weeks at the shelter. The staff realized she is a great dog, for the right terrier-savvy family. When no such family appeared, they made plans to contact CP. As often happens, one of our many dedicated volunteers found her, and sent her information into the Rescue Team. Within three days from initial contact, Kai was picked up. She is having her spa treatment this week, and will move to her foster home next weekend. Her future looks very bright, she's on her road to a family that will love her strong cairn traits!

Welcome, Kai!

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