Saturday, September 10, 2011

CP Foster Adonis is making great progress!

Contributed by Adonis' foster mom

Adonis (of the Famous Lovers) is from the Ohio hoarder that had 200 dogs stacked in crates in the home. He's about 5 years old and is a total pistol. Either he was someone's loved pet before they got him or they treated him like a house pet, as he is nothing like an abused dog. Having said that, he does have some trust issues. When he first came here, he was fine for the most part, but then he started resisting all my attempts at petting within a week. He really didn't want to be touched, so growled and snapped to show me that. And anytime I raised my voice, he would cower as if he thought he was going to be beaten.

Once 'I' learned to not push his boundaries, he learned to trust me. I can pet him without any growling and he chirps and chortles when I come home from work as he's so glad to see me. He does still have some issues with hugging, so we don't. Well recently, he went on a play date at Westie Rescue Houston. They rescue Westies, Scotties and Cairns (and too many mixes). He was running around and playing with the other dogs (about 7), terribly happy to find so many toys on the floor, and never growled once at the male or female humans.

There was one old yorkie mix (looks just like a yorkie but white) who is very old and a real BEECH. He was bouncing and trying to get her to play, but she was heck bent on trying to set him back on his haunches with the few remaining teeth she has. I had to tell him to leave her alone, poor thing. He played long and hard with the other dogs that would join him. The change in him is remarkable and he's going to make someone a fantastic companion. Adonis is one of those Cairns that is too smart for his own good, talks a lot, is very interactive, and insists on telling you what he wants when he wants it. I'm so proud of my little black boy foster.

Adonis is being fostered in Texas and you can find out more about him and the other cairns available for adoption by clicking here.

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