Saturday, September 3, 2011

Video of CP foster Chain's unfettered life!

Contributed by Chain's foster mother

This little 8-month-old boy spent most of his young life in a hot back yard hooked to a chain. Now that he's free, he is making up for lost puppyhood. He jumps, he plays, he runs, he plays, he shakes his toys extra fast, and he plays. This little guy is all about playing with a playmate. He needs another pup with plenty of energy to keep up with him. He also needs a comfy shoulder and lap, because when it's time to nap, he loves to snuggle.

He's not quite housebroken yet, but wears a bellyband very well. I think he gets so interested in playing that he forgets that he needs to potty until it's too late to tell anyone. This guy is a little love bug and very quickly slips his way into your heart. He's a sweetie! Here he is playing with his much bigger foster 'brother'.

or you can click here to watch it directly on youtube

Chain is being fostered in Florida and you can learn more about him and all of the cairns available for adoption by clicking here.

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