Tuesday, October 4, 2011

CP Foster Hazel is determined!

Contributed by Hazel's foster mom

I have to set the stage - I buy cheapo puffed rice (NOT the cereal with sugar - just puffed rice) and throw a handful out on the kitchen floor when I'm filling kongs (so The Girls (including MAY!!) won't bark at me). Tim, my All-American, being taller than the Cairns, tends to end up with puffed rice pieces in his coat. So I'm getting out of the shower, greeted by my Constant Companions, Tim and Nana - Hazel has been cleaning the bottom of my slippers (she's so funny - comes in, turns over the slippers to make sure no rice is squished on them and cleans them - bet I have the cleanest slippers in Vermont!) so she is there too.

Suddenly Hazel spies the pieces of rice on Tim's side and back. She tentatively reaches up to get one, and he immediately knows and turns and give her the Stink Eye - FOILED Hazel says, so she looks away. About 30 seconds later, she tries again... again Tim can feel her touching him and gives her the Eye again. She backs off. Once more, she tries, same result so finally, she gives up. I, in the meantime, was laughing my head off, Nana was laughing with me and wagging her tail a million miles an hour - she didn't know what the joke was but she loves to laugh and wag her tail.

Fun morning!!

Hazel is being fostered in Vermont and she is available for adoption. You can learn more about her by clicking here.

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