Monday, October 24, 2011

LOST CAIRN - BARTER -GLENCOE, IL - CHICAGO AREA Can you help in the search?

Contributed by Bonnie Becker, Col. Potter Tags Program

Ron called to let me know that Sherri Kempel's relatively new and and very scared foster Barter got away from Sherri. I just spoke to Sherri and she's as panicked as Barter is. Barter is still a VERY scared dog and won't even eat with Sherri in the room so carrying smelly food around is not likely to help. Barter is wearing her collar with tags, harness and double leashes attached!

If anyone lives close and could go help Sherri right now here's her address:

175 Lake Street
Glencoe, IL 60022

Call me , Bonnie Becker, of the Col. Potter lost dogs tag program at at 440-835-8050 or 440-835-8548 to let me know if you're headed Sherri's way. Sherri can barely talk as she's
frantically looking everywhere and especially under things for Barter.

I also took a minute to check on where Glencoe is and it's about half an hour from the center of Chicago, straight up I-94.

Prayers are most definitely appreciated!!!

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