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Why Rescues Make One of the Best Resources When Looking for a New Furry Companion

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November 14th, 2011 by Minette

Rescued dogs are HAPPY dogs!

I LOVE animal rescues, at least most of them! Most animal rescues have the animal’s best interests in mind and are run effectively and by good and loving people.

I have spent a good portion of my career working with numerous animal rescues and getting to know just what is involved in the processes that they deal with daily!

When I hear people complain about adoption fees, my whole body cringes. I wish that the average person or naysayer had to spend just a week watching the intricacies involved in animal rescue.

Did you know that some rescues, fully anesthetize spay or neuter, and clean teeth of older dogs that are in need? Good rescues also make sure their animals are vaccinated, heartworm negative, and not in need of regular medication. Thousands of dollars are spent on dogs that need surgeries, or heartworm treatment. They don’t charge $1,500 for the 10 year old dog that went through treatment, so they have to make up some of the differences for their compassion in other places.

These rescue workers scour dog shelters to rescue dogs on the last days of their lives. If not for these rescues, hundreds of thousands of dogs would be euthanized!

Most rescuers work FULL TIME to fund their rescues as there is really no money offered in saving animals!

The amount of money these rescues save the new owners is not even close to the minimal amount that they charge to find a good home.

Most rescues only charge to ensure that people are willing and able to pay. If $100 or $300 or whatever the adoption fee is, is too much for the prospective new owner how can that person expect to pay for dog food, toys, or an emergency vet visit?

And, most of the hoops they make people jump through are to ensure that their dogs go to forever homes and do not end up back in their care, or worse at an animal shelter or testing facility.

Yes, unfortunately there are sick people out there that adopt animals and then sell them to animal testing facilities or use them for dog fighting. But the application process and home visits usually deters the sickos and better ensures the safety of the dogs that they love and are placing.

What I Really Love About Rescues?

Most rescues house their dogs in REAL homes. They don’t have a large kennel where the dogs are left day and night, and so these dogs live with people and families.

Rescues Pay for Medical Treatment

Why does that matter to you?

Because real people know the best environment for certain dogs. These foster families know if the dog is good with children or cats because they are living in an environment with kids and cats.

Foster families know how much exercise certain dogs need, or if the dog would prefer to be a couch potato and sleep under the covers with their new owner.

They get an idea of what the dog is good at or scared of and what the temperament of the dog is.

People say “Foster families can lie about the dogs in their care because they want to get them adopted” and whereas that can certainly be true it is not usually the case. Most foster families don’t want to see the dog returned so they try FOR THE DOG to find him or her just the right living scenario.

I have cats, and so I know the fear of bringing an adult dog into my house. It is much easier to contact a rescue and tell them I only want a dog that has been tested with and has been successful living with cats.

I would also want this assurance if I had small children!

Most people are better suited to integrating an adult dog into their already busy lives. So rescues take the pain and unknown out of the situation.

That is not to say that you let your guard down when the dog comes home! I would never bring a dog in and turn it loose with my cats or children “hoping” the foster family was right. But it certainly eases my mind if I know the dog has lived in a similar scenario!

It also takes away the factor that ruins most dog/human relationships; which is simply based on looks. We see a picture of a dog and “fall in love” we think at first we don’t care what the personality of the dog is we just love how “cute” he is or how “fuzzy” or how much he looks like our last dog; when this shallow factor should be eliminated completely to help us find a successful relationship!

Yes, it is true you can still pick the dog rescue by breed and by general looks. In most cases, the rescue will still be selecting the dog that it thinks best suits you, not the one with the prettiest fur.

There are also plenty of mixed breed rescues out there for those of you who love the personality and style of your mutts!

Another Best Reason?

The World would be a Sad Place without Rescues!

A rescue will take the dog back if you deem he is not the right fit for you and your family, and that promise usually lasts a lifetime.

Most rescues would rather take a dog that has been successfully homed for the past 5 years back than have it go somewhere else or to a shelter.

I don’t believe that animals are disposable, but I also haven’t had a huge traumatic event in my life so I try not to judge. If I lost my home or had to move overseas this would be a good thing to know.

So if you are looking to add a furry face to your montage I suggest you do your homework and employ the help of a good rescue, you are almost guaranteed to succeed! You can’t get that anywhere else!

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